TMO Background Mode Interview With Mac Observer's Editor-in-Chief Bryan Chaffin

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Bryan Chaffin

Bryan Chaffin is the Editor-in-Chief of The Mac Observer. He was born and raised in Texas, and it was in Austin where he met Dave Hamilton. In 1997, Bryan was writing for a website named Webintosh. Later, Bryan bought a half-intest in the publication. Soon he realized he needed someone to run the business side of the website, so he sold his half to Dave Hamilton and they rebranded it as The Mac Observer, launching on December 28, 1998. We reminisced about how an invitation from Bryan led to my first article at the Mac Observer in October, 1999. In the second segment, we chatted about two of Bryan’s notable, recent articles, iPhone encryption and Apple’s tax situation. We finished with a discussion of Bryan’s books, both technical and science fiction. Great stuff.

Apple Seeds iOS 11.2 Developer Beta 3

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iOS 11.4 developer beta

Included in this release cycle is a Now Playing control for Apple TV in Control Center, a bug fix for Calculator, and Apple Pay Cash.

TREBLAB X11 Wireless Earphones: $36.99

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TREBLAB X11 Wireless Earphones

We have a deal on a pair of TREBLAB X11 wireless earphones. They have a play time of up to 6 hours with a charging time of 2 hours, and they use Bluetooth 4.1. They’re $36.99, a significant discount of 81% off retail.

This Wallpaper Hides the iPhone X Notch

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Worry over the iPhone X Notch is much ado about nothing—IMNHO—but Kelly Guimont just pointed me to some wallpaper that hides it. Any wallpaper can made with some black in the right place, but heck, that’s work. Amiright? Here you can just download it with the work already done. The image below is just the demo—use the Denotchify link to directly download the actual wallpaper.

This Wallpaper Hides the iPhone X Notch

Movavi Screen Capture Pro for Mac: $16.15

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Movavi Screen Capture Pro Screenshot

We have a deal on Movavi Screen Capture Pro for Mac. This software allows you to capture stills or video recordings of your Mac, make tutorials, record games, etc. It’s $19 through us. [Update: Coupon code “GIFTSHOP15” will get you another 15% off, for a final price of $16.15.]

Apple Working on iPhone X Cold Screen Fix

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Apple has a fix coming for iPhone X screens that stop responding in the cold

Redditors are complaining about their iPhone X screens becoming unresponsive in cold weather and Apple says it plans to address the issue with a software update.

Watch Apple's 2 Minute Video on Inclusion and Diversity Called 'Open'

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Apple has a new video out called “Inclusion & Diversity — Open.” It’s a two-minute tribute to the value that an open and diverse workplace can bring to a company like Apple, and it features “68 employees revealing who we are.” In the YouTube description, Apple said, “At Apple, ‘open’ isn’t just a word. It’s our culture. One that embraces faiths, disabilities, races, ages, ideologies, personalities, and differences. Because humanity isn’t singular. It’s plural.” Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple has made a big push to increase the diversity of its work force and executive team. Like other Silicon Valley companies working on this same issue, Apple remains overwhelmingly white and male, even with recent progress. This video is, in part, a sales pitch for people of diverse backgrounds to work at Apple, and it’s a pretty good pitch.