Apple + Education Home Page Redesign

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Apple did a rare redesign for its home page Tuesday, one featuring the education themes of its Chicago EdTech media event. It utilizes a a version of the Apple logo drawn with Apple Pencil on iPad. During the media event, Apple showed slides with the same kind of imagery, including sketches of the presenters and other announcements. Apple used the event to announce new education software and a new iPad aimed at education, including support for Apple Pencil.

Apple + Education Home Page Redesign

Apple Announces Schoolwork, a Cloud App for the Classroom

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A child working with iPad and Pencil

The free, cloud-based software allows teachers to assign specific activities within an app to a child. It also allows them monitor that activity as the class works on assignments.

Apple Increases Free iCloud Storage to 200GB for Schools

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Apple’s free iCloud storage for education is getting a boost from 5GB up to 200GB. The extra storage makes sense considering students need a way to store their assignments and other files, and was announced at the “Let’s take a field trip” media event on Tuesday.

New Apple Commercial: 'One Person Can Change the World'

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Apple has a new spot out called One person can change the world. Released in time with Tuesday’s iPad and education-focused media event in Chicago, the spot features a slow-mo pan through a playground filled with young children playing and being kids. With a  simple piano soundtrack, the spot features different kids talking about being creative and how imagination can bring change to the world. It’s a compelling spot, and it’s either timely or serendipitous considering the growing youth movement in the U.S.

Report Claims iOS 11.3 Coming Today

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iOS 11.3 ARKit 1.5

Apple is going to roll out the official public release of iOS 11.3 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on Tuesday, or so says the Mirror.

Apple Store Offline Ahead of 'Field Trip' Media Event

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Apple Store offline for

Apple’s online store was replaced with the familiar “We’ll be back” note Tuesday morning. That’s no surprise since Apple is hosting its “Let’s take a field trip” media event today.

As Far As You Know He’s Not a Real Doctor – Mac Geek Gab 702

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Mac Geek Gab Logo

Your questions, answered! That’s what we do here. Today’s show starts with some Cool Stuff Found items, including at least one that answers a question from a previous show about auto-captioning your videos! Then it’s on to figuring out where all your storage is being used, whether or not you should ignore those iOS relogin requests, and migrating Aperture to Photos. You like Quick Tips? We’ve got those, too. All this and more, folks!

Tim Cook Calls for 'Well-Crafted' Regulation Protecting Privacy

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Apple CEO Tim Cook

Mr. Cook’s comments came in the wake of news that Facebook profile data was used in ways that violate Facebook terms of service, and that Facebook knew about the privacy breach and didn’t tell users.

Civilization VI: Rise & Fall Expansion Adds Golden Ages, Dark Ages, Loyalty, More

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Aspyr has released the Rise & Fall expansion for Civilization VI on Mac and Linux. It’s a substantial expansion and refinement of the game including Golden Ages (along with Dark Ages), city Loyalty, Emergency Situations, and a lot more. There are also Historic Moments (a sort of visual history of your Civilization that ties into Golden and Dark Ages), as well as new leaders and civilizations. I’ve been playing Poundmaker of the Cree, a First Nations tribe in what is now Canada. Plus, new Wonders, including new units you only get a Wonder, and plenty of interface enhancements. For instance, there is now an animated element showing Religious pressure, and for the new Loyalty system. In the image below, two NPC declared an Emergency Situation against me after I took a capital. Against capable opponents it adds a time-pressure element to the game. There’s definitely a lot going on in this update. Civilization VI: Rise & Fall is $29.99 through Steam and as an in-app purchase in the Mac App Store. You’ll have to update Civ VI from the Mac App Store to see the in-app purchase.

Civilization VI: Rise & Fall Expansion Adds Golden Ages, Dark Ages, Loyalty, More

macOS: How to Install an Alternative Terminal Shell

· Andrew Orr · How-To

Think of fish as a tool that works behind the scenes. Using fish means using Terminal like you normally would, except now you get extra functionality.

FTC Launches Investigation into Facebook's Privacy Practices

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FTC Facebook privacy investigation

Facebook’s headaches over the way Cambridge Analytica obtained and exploited user profiles is far from over because the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has launched an investigation into the social network’s privacy practices.

TMO Background Mode Interview with Kelly Guimont and Jeff Gamet - Everything 4K/UHD TV

· John Martellaro · Background Mode Podcast

In this very special edition of Background Mode, The Mac Observer’s Kelly Guimont and Jeff Gamet joined me to continue a previous discussion we’d been having about 4K/UHD television. It all started when I published an article, an adventure actually, about my project to get all my home video components working together to achieve 4K/UHD and Dolby Vision. One TMO Daily Observations podcast wasn’t enough to answer all the questions, and so we just kept on chatting, laughing and recording. Herein is most everything you need to know about setting up a 4K/UHD TV system with advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR), especially Dolby Vision.

A Vulnerability in the iPhone QR Reader Comes to Light

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Infosec says that it reported the vulnerability to Apple on December 23. Now after waiting the standard 90 days, the website says that Apple still hasn’t fixed the bug.