Poker Power: The Rise of iPhone Poker Action During Lockdown

The COVID-19 lockdown has led to many new habits being developed by people shielding themselves during the crisis. In the years leading up to the pandemic, iPhones were already becoming increasingly popular for everyday tasks, and the public’s reliance on them during the lockdown should not be understated. During the lockdown, iPhones became essential for exercising, education, entertainment and even gambling.

iPhones Come to the Rescue During Lockdown

When the lockdown kicked into gear, people discovered that many of the things they took for granted were suddenly off the menu. How do you exercise if you cannot go to the gym? Many people had to cook for the first time in years, and even nipping next door to chat with neighbours became off-limits. Some people reverted to the ways of yesteryear before food delivery services and gym memberships. Others decided to use their phones on an increasing basis, and some sought to expand the usefulness of such devices.

Exercising during the lockdown was made easier with iPhones. Work apps and YouTube videos made aerobics and home exercise popular for the first time since the early 90s. Instructional cooking videos saw people rediscover a love for home-cooked food, and some were inspired to become creative and inventive with what they had in. Others used their iPhones to seek out home crafting videos to mend clothes or participate in DIY jobs around the house. Naturally, we all used iPhones to engage in Zoom and FaceTime chats to speak to friends and family at a distance.

Mobile Poker on the Rise

Mobile gaming also increased during the lockdown. With a lack of live sports to watch (and bet on), bettors took to casino games and mobile poker. They were not all seasoned pros, though. Clusters of newbies started playing poker for real money for the very first time, too.

One of the businesses which have done well out of the pandemic is GGPoker. The poker site was already growing in popularity before COVID-19 struck. However, its user-friendly app meant that poker players could play a few hands from the comfort of their armchair, their bed or even the bathroom. The app is free to use, and with a myriad of games to suit players of all skills levels, mobile poker saw a rise in popularity over the spring.

GGPoker Leads the Way

GGPoker has rapidly become a leading player in online poker thanks in part to the coronavirus outbreak. The website has become so popular that it is now the home of a WSOP (World Series of Poker) bracelet series over the summer. Amateur and professional poker players alike can take each other on to try and win the ultimate prize at this UK licensed poker room.

New trends tend to emerge in number during strange circumstances, but do they last? While we may stop speaking to friends and family over iPhone apps after lockdown, and we may lose our passion or cooking once we can eat out again; the bite from the poker bug may remain. If the early figures post-lockdown is anything to go by, mobile poker is on its way to becoming a popular pastime across the UK.