Power Consumption Mac vs PC: Why do Windows PCs have weak battery life in comparision

Different laptop brands are emerging day in day out. Thanks to the advancement of technology. Generally, laptops have been of great assistance more so when it comes to research and gaming. Many people across the globe earn their living via the use of laptops and computers. They have also come in handy in terms of improving businesses.

The laptop brand you purchase will also be vital in determining the service that laptop will give you. There are many factors you should put into consideration before purchasing a laptop. One of the factors is battery life and consumption. A laptop that has a higher battery life is likely to boost the performance of your laptop.

In this article, we will compare the electricity use or sähkö between Mac Vs windows PC. At the denouement of this article, you will have known the power consumption of different laptop brands. Without any delay, let’s get sailing. Don’t be left behind.

MacBook’s have a longer battery life compared to other top-notch brands such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, but to mention a few. The apple company have incorporated high-end technology into their gadgets which enhance their battery life.

Research has proven that Macbooks can last up to twelve hours when the battery capacity is full. Other laptop brands will only operate for around seven hours or less when the battery capacity is full. Despite the fact Apple products are expensive, they have longer battery life.

Does a Gaming PC use More Power?

Yes. A gaming PC will use more power compared to other PC’s. A gaming PC operates robust software which may tend to drain power at a faster rate. Gaming software not only drains the power of your laptop but also they can make your PC slow.

Gaming accessories connected to your PC may tend to drain your PC power. There are some gaming laptops which have advanced battery life, and this may improve the performance of your PC.

Differences Between macOS And Windows 10 Power Consumption

Unlike Mac computers, Windows computers have many brands which some may be counterfeit, and some of them may have a faulty power system. Some Windows computers may be manufactured using faulty components, and as an aftermath of this, their battery life may be meagre.

Mac computers have an eco-system which aids in power saving. Not all windows computers are fitted with the power saving option. This may be the significant difference between the Mac Os and windows computers in terms of power consumption.

Windows computers tend to have extensive power-consuming hardware compared to the Mac OS. The hardware components of Mac OS consume less power compared to the windows computer. Software installed in a computer may be a significant determinant on the battery life of a computer.

Mac computers have software’s that don’t drain a lot of power; thus, they are power efficient. Looking at windows computers, they have heavy software’s that tend to drain a lot of power, resulting in low battery life.

How to save battery energy on laptops

  1. Switching to power-saving mode

Well, power saving is vital in ensuring long battery life. It would help if you considered turning on the power saving mode of your computer. Although activating the power saving mode will lower the performance of your laptop, it will make your battery life last longer.

  1. Unplug peripherals that you aren’t using

You can unplug peripherals such as external webcams if you aren’t using them. External peripherals tend to drain more power, mostly while not in use.

  1. Plug your laptop in power before it is drained

Many people tend to plug in their laptops when they are entirely dead. This shouldn’t be the case. Always charge your laptop when it has charge of below 20%. This will aid in extending battery life. When you plug your laptop when its completely dead, it will reduce its charging capacity, and the battery will strain.


Power saving is crucial in ensuring better battery health for your laptop. Always consider switching to power saving mode to enhance battery life.