Raid: Shadow Legends Game Review

It wasn’t so long ago that the capabilities of mobile gaming barely extended beyond the point-and-click simplicity of Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja. If you said the phrase ‘mobile MMORPG’ back in 2010 you would have automatically been dismissed as an over-optimistic dreamer.

These days, however, there are not only mobile MMORPGs that can easily compete with the likes of WoW, but the market is actually a little crowded. With titles such as Age of Magic hitting the Google Play store to rave reviews a couple of years back, dozens more have since followed.

One of the latest ones to be released is mobile gaming heavyweight Plarium’s RPG Raid: Shadow Legends. It’s most definitely a full MMORPG, featuring team quests, open-world roaming, and an immensely detailed narrative. But how does it stand out from the crowd? Read our review to find out.  


Let’s start with how the game actually works. Right from the outset, you can tell this is a decidedly darker version of your standard mobile RPG, with the general atmosphere of the world being much more sinister than the likes of similar titles.

Set in the fictional world of Teleria, which has been crippled by a dark shadow cast by an evil overlord, your role is to step into the shoes of an ancient Telerian warrior to defeat Siroth and restore peace. 

Your two main goals are simple: collect and fight. Raid is an action-packed RPG game which requires you to collect crystal shards, assemble armies, and fight wave after wave of evildoers. The battle scenes are gripping, but given the fact they can be played on autoplay, definitely aren’t the main draw of the game.

Rather, the fun comes from collecting shards and building up both your own abilities and those of your army. It’s one for dedicated players, as the victories that result from your hard work feel immensely rewarding.

Visuals and Experience 

Put simply, the visuals of this game are pretty stunning. You likely won’t even realize you’re playing on a smartphone, given the depth of the game environment and the characters.

Plarium are heavyweights in the mobile gaming world, which explains how they were able to get veteran voice actors from the likes of Mass Effect 3 on board to voice the vast cast of diverse creatures you encounter and play.

The actual narration was written by Paul Monk, the guy behind Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and his trademark emphasis on compelling narrative shines brightly throughout.

The battle scenes are fluid, while the sound design makes for an immersive experience, all the more impressive for a mobile game. 

The Verdict 

To conclude, this is a game worth playing if you’re a hardcore fantasy gamer or MMORPG fan. It features all the classic elements that seasoned gamers will know and love, as well as a darkly original twist on classic conventions.

First-timers to the genre might be put off at first, given that this is essentially World of Warcraft on steroids, but the gameplay is relatively easy to master, making this a worthy title for any mobile gamer.