Real Not Reel Money: How to Make the Most of Gambling on Your iPhone

Mobile has, without a doubt, revolutionized the world in more ways than we can ever imagine. With the number of mobile phone users expected to hit the five billion mark this year, more people will be relying on their mobile devices to get a lot of things done—from shopping to gambling. And we all know that when it comes to mobile phones, Apple is still high up in the ranks of the leading smartphone vendors in the world with an expected 3 billion users this year.

This immense growth in the mobile industry also comes with a growing interest in mobile gambling. A favorite pastime for a lot of people over the last few decades, gambling now takes an exciting turn with the advent of mobile gambling apps that allow you to try your luck at a casino or place your bet on your favorite team, all without going to a traditional casino or betting shop.

A lot of skeptics, however, say that gambling on your iPhone doesn’t really gain you anything more than good entertainment. But you can prove them otherwise by following some tricks to help you make the most of gambling on your iPhone and actually earn some real money while you’re at it:

First, let’s talk about safety.

We all know that when something becomes popular online, chances are, scams will most likely tap on that popularity to find victims. Mobile gambling is no different, which is why it’s a huge advantage that you’re using an iPhone that has one of the toughest security features in any mobile phone you can find on the market. But that doesn’t mean that you can slack on safety because you can still be a victim of a scam if you’re not careful with what you’re downloading on your iPhone. One of the best was to ensure that you’re only playing in a credible casino, for instance, is to read casino reviews at Casino Whizz to know if a website or app is trustworthy or not. Remember that not all apps or websites that offer good deals are going to keep their promise. Some only use promotions to lure consumers into playing their games and get their information to use for fraud or scams. So, if you think that an offer is too good to be true, it probably is and you should choose another app to download or website to access.

Don’t let bonuses and offers go to waste

While you have to be cautious when taking offers or bonuses, you shouldn’t waste a good offer when you see one. A lot of online or mobile casinos offer promotions every once in a while with no deposit bonuses, initial deposit bonuses and loyalty bonuses being the most common. Don’t forget to take advantage of these promotions to earn more or increase your chances of winning. Just make sure to read the fineprint before accepting anything and never give away your personal information in exchange of a bonus.

Understand each game carefully

Like a traditional casino, online or mobile casinos also have their own set of rules that you must follow to get a better chance at winning. As you download an app or visit a website, make sure to read these rules first to know exactly what you need to do to play the game or place your bets right. You can take advantage of no deposit casinos that allow you to play several rounds for free. This gives you the opportunity to see if a game suits you or not without wasting money. It’s also very important to take note of how the payout structure of a casino or betting site works to know if they support your bank or their payment methods are available in your area.

Go for games with the low house edge

Any seasoned mobile gambler will tell you to choose casino games with the lowest house edge like Poker, Blackjack or other games that require skills. While Bingo and Roulette, for instance, are easier games to play and don’t require a lot of learning, winning is also based more on luck than skill. So, if you want to make real money, go for the ones that offer you a better chance at winning.

Of course, when you have your iPhone everywhere you go, it’s easy to fall into the habit of playing more and maybe, spending more. To make sure that you don’t get addicted to mobile gambling, make sure to set a schedule and not play according to impulse. It’s also very important to have a bankroll and maintain it.