Recoverit Video Recovery and Repair Review: Is it Worth Giving a Try?

Lately, I have received a lot of questions like these about video repair or recovery that got me digging for a few solutions. When I looked up on the web and asked some data recovery experts, I got to know about Recoverit. It is a popular tool that provides data recovery as well as video repair solutions for Mac and Windows. Before I could recommend it to anyone else, I thought of giving Recoverit a try on my own and passed it through several scenarios. Here’s my real-time user experience of the tool with the detailed Recoverit review.

The Updated DR85 Recoverit Application: The First View

When I installed Recoverit Data Recovery, I got to know that the application has recently released a new version – the DR85 update. As I read about it on the company’s site, I realized that the application has now improved features (that I’m going to discuss later). When I looked up the interface at first, I found it pretty basic and friendly. These days, almost all of us work on videos as they have become an integral part of our life. I could see that the interface is targeted to common users with no technical background.

Apart from loading videos saved on the internal storage of their Windows or Mac, users can also connect external sources like pen drive, hard disks, SD cards, etc. From the welcome screen of Recoverit, they can select the entire partition, drive, or browse to the specific folder where they lost their data. There is also a feature to perform video repair on its home. After loading their videos or selecting a location to scan, users can wait for the process to be completed and preview the results before saving their files.

What are the New Features in the DR85 Recoverit Release?

Recoverit has recently released its latest version, DR85, with several new features. After trying it for a while, here are the major features of Recoverit that I found the most interesting.

Advanced Video Recovery

I have tried a few data recovery applications in the past, but I always had one major concern. When we recover lost videos, the tool mostly recovers them in different fragments and not a single file. This is where I found the video recovery features of Recoverit at power. Its patented recovery solution would club various fragments of the same video for us. In this way, we can recover the entire video and not just a part of it.

To test the feature, I connected my SD card and tried to recover a video that I intentionally deleted from it. Firstly, it performed a standard recovery that displayed some basic results. Since I was not satisfied with it, I clicked on the “Advanced Video Recovery” option that was located at the bottom of the interface. This performed a more sophisticated scan and merged various video fragments together to provide better results.

Repair Corrupt Videos

Another feature of the DR85 update of Recoverit that I liked was the video repair tool. To test it, I took a video and intentionally changed its format. Also, I changed the header of the file to make the file corrupt. Afterward, I launch Recoverit and opened the Video Repair tool from its home. Once the video was loaded, the application performed the needed steps to fix it. Also, I did some research and discovered that the video repair application can fix logical and other errors with a video file.

Ease of Use

As I have written above, I could see that the application has been designed to meet the everyday requirements of people like you and me in mind. There is no need for writing codes or undergoing any technical hassle. The application is pretty easy to use and has an intuitive interface that anyone can make the most of.

Advanced filters to locate the lost videos

To make it easier for users to find their lost files, Recoverit has made a lot of improvements in the DR85 update. You can use its advanced filter to view just the type of data that you wish to recover (like photos, videos, documents, and so on). If you want, you can hide the system files to decrease the clutter and even filter the files for a particular size (like files from 100 to 500 MB). Also, it provides a bigger interface to view our photos and will also suggest similar pictures to save our time.

Final Verdict

Overall, I found Recoverit pretty decent with the following pros and cons.


  • Fast processing and easy to use

  • Supports almost every video format

  • High recovery rate with the merging of video fragments

  • The basic version is available for free up to 100B


  • Not available for Linux

  • Trouble viewing videos of large size

  • The standard scan needs improvement (while the advanced scan was pretty good)


There are different versions of Recoverit that you can buy on the basis of your present requirements. Apart from a free version, it is available in three choices – Essential, Standard, and Advanced. The prices for the Windows versions are $59.95, $69.95, and $79.95 annually. Though, if you want to just repair corrupt videos, then you can buy the Video Repair Application separately for just $29.95 as well.

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There you go! Now when you know about my experience of using Recoverit Video Recovery and Repair, you can easily make up your mind. While the tool is not perfect, I found it pretty useful and better than several other video recovery tools. One of the main reasons for its high results is the patented recovery algorithm that can merge various video fragments together. Besides that, it also offers video repair solutions to fix all kinds of damages in a video file. If you want, you can try the Recovery application for free and be the judge of it yourself!