Remove background noise in your calls with Krisp

In the age of smartphones and Skype, almost nobody misses phone booths. But there’s at least one valuable thing those long-gone glass boxes offered: a quiet place to make a call.

These days, our tools for talking travel with us. We take conference calls in coffee shops, at the airport or at home while the neighbor’s dog is barking. Those noisy environments often obscure the voices we’re struggling to hear.

You might think the same technology that goes into noise-canceling headphones for music could take care of the problem for voice. But it’s not that simple, thanks to the variety of sounds that crop up, the tight dynamic range of the human voice, the physics involved in neutralizing ambient noise, and other factors.

However, Krisp takes a different approach. It uses machine learning to process audio and target background noise in both directions. It has all the same features as Krisp for Mac, which means that it mutes both incoming and outgoing noise allowing you to speak and listen without noise. It can be considered as another one of those productivity apps, but it gives the users a much more professional look.

Krisp is an award-winning software – the winner of 2018 Golden Kitty award for the best software in the audio and voice category.

Krisp for muting

Smart Noise Reduction

Traditional noise cancellation usually works best to block sustained, consistent sounds like the drone of an air conditioner. Krisp tech is a neural network trained on 20,000 distinct noises, 10,000 different voices and 2500s hours of recorded audio.

Add some proprietary audio-processing trickery, and the result is an app for Mac and Windows PCs that can reliably and responsively edit out annoying background noise on both sides of a call. All either party hears is the clean, isolated voice of the speaker.

Krisp sits between your headset or microphone and the software using it, so it works on all kinds of communication apps. In fact, it supports more than 600 different conferencing, messaging and streaming apps, including Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Discord, Slack, QuickTime, Messenger, Google Chat — basically anything with microphone and speaker controls in its audio settings.

It can be a professional tool both for individuals such as remote professionals, freelancers, podcasters, Youtubers, and gamers; as well as businesses like call centers, enterprises and remote teams.

Once you’ve installed the Krisp app, you can access it via your Mac’s dropdown menu, or locate it in the taskbar if you’re on Windows. Switch toggles on and that’s it. No interfaces to manage or settings to dial in, just incoming and outgoing audio that’s instantly clearer.

Since this process involves audio processing, the company is quick to point out that everything takes place locally on your computer. That means your audio stays private. So in a sense, this app is kind of like a new version of a phone booth.

If you’d like to hear the difference this bit of audio magic makes, you can try Krisp for free.