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The SETI@home project is an effort to find extraterrestrial signals coming from distant stars by analyzing radio signals in the heavens. This is done by breaking up chunks of data and distributing them to computers around the world. Over 600,000 computers have joined in the project making it the biggest distributed processing effort ever. The Mac is playing an enormous part in this effort with Macs being among the faster platforms and having turned in the 2nd highest number of completed work units of data. In addition, The Mac Observer has put together our own team, Team Mac Observer, to participate in the effort and show that the Mac kicks butt! The following stories are related to the project and to the Team.

The oldest article is at the bottom, newer items are placed at the top of the list.

September 1999

Team Mac Observer Slips One Place, We Need Your Help! - 9/23/99

Team Mac Observer Reaches Top 20 SETI@home Club Teams! - 9/8/99

August 1999

SETI@Home Processing Conclusions: Proof That Mac Is #1 - 8/27/99

Team Mac Observer Moves To #21, Eyes Top 20! - 8/25/99

Team Mac Observer Moves Up To #22 In SETI@home! - 8/18/99

Team Mac Observer Moves Into Top 25! - 8/12/99

Team Mac Observer Jumps To #26, Welcomes New Business Member - 8/9/99

SETI@home Nears 1 Million Members, Mac Continues To Show Strength - 8/5/99

Team Mac Observer Passes The 10,000 Mark! - 8/3/99

July 1999

Team Mac Observer Passes The 8,000 Work Unit Mark! - 7/26/99

Team Mac Observer Up To 224 Members - 7/21/99

Team Mac Observer Needs You! - 7/19/99

Team Mac Observer Moves Up To #29 In Top 100 Club Teams - 7/15/99

Team Mac Observer Approaches 5,000 Work Units - 7/14/99

New SETI@home Mac Client Released - 7/13/99

Team Mac Observer Back In Top 50 At Number 31! - 7/12/99

SETI@home Corrects Improperly Reported Results - 7/9/99

Team Mac Observer Rockets Up Top 50 To Number 43 - 7/8/99

Mac Platform Gains Ground On Solaris In SETI@home As Average Times Get Faster - 7/7/99

Team Mac Observer Poised To Hit Top 50 SETI@home Club Teams - 7/6/99

Team Mac Observer Advances 8 More Spots In Top 100 - 7/2/99

New Mac SETI@home Client Released/ Mac Platform Gains Ground On Solaris - 7/1/99

June 1999

Team Mac Observer Swells To 138 Members, Cracks The Top 100 SETI@home Clubs! - 6/30/99

Solaris Platform Soon To Knock The Mac Out Of 2nd Place In SETI@home, Help Now! - 6/29/99

Team Mac Observer Page Overhauled, Team Jumps To 86 - 6/28/99

Overclocked G3 Shows Best Results Yet In SETI@home Project - 6/25/99

Team Mac Observer Jumps To 66 With 477 Work Units Processeds - 6/24/99

Blue & White G3 Among Fastest SETI@home Computers - 6/23/99

Team Mac Observer Brings On First Company & Tops 40 Members! - 6/22/99

Team Mac Observer Has Now Processed Over 300 Work Units For SETI@home - 6/21/99

Team Mac Observer Hits 28 With Almost 200 Units Processed - 6/18/99

Team Mac Observer Passes 20 Members With 115 Units Analyzed For SETI@home! - 6/17/99

Team Mac Observer Passes 10 Members With 22 Units Analyzed For SETI@home! - 6/16/99

About SETI@home - 6/15/99

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