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Seasonality 1.3.2

Review - Seasonality 1.3.2

by , 9:00 AM EDT, October 23rd, 2006

Depending on your occupation or personal interests, weather tracking can be a necessary task, or an interesting diversion. Seasonality 1.3.2 from Gaucho Software covers both bases for you.

Seasonality is a weather monitoring application that displays current conditions, forecasts, and weather history for multiple cities from a single window. You can view seven-day forecasts, satellite and radar images, wind conditions, air pressure, humidity, temperature, sun rise and sunset, and day length.

The interface is easily customizable - you can display as little or as much weather information as you like. At a minimum, however, you will always see your monitored cities list, forecast, and satellite imagery.

Seasonality offers at-a-glance weather data.

Adding data graphs is a matter of choosing what you want from the graph menu, or clicking the graph's icon in the graph and satellite imagery bar. Floating your cursor over an icon displays which graph it represents so it is easy to tell which graph you are about to activate.

Seasonality also gives you control over measurement units and update frequency. It supports Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin; speed readings in MPH, Km/H, Knots, and M/S; distance in miles or kilometers; pressure readings in inches or hectopascals; and can check weather conditions as often as every half hour or as far apart as every six hours.

Viewing forecast information is easy, too. If you can't see all seven days, just drag the forecast to the left to view the additional days. This trick also works with graphs: dragging left or right lets you view data that doesn't fit in the window.

You can't, however, change the window position of each data element. The forecast, for example, is at the top of the window, and that's exactly where it will stay.

The current version also has a bug that prevents it from displaying international forecasts. If that's important to you, the beta version of Seasonality 1.4 fixes the problem, but keep in mind it is beta software, so you may encounter some stability issues. If you only need to see current weather conditions and track weather data for international cities, version 1.3.2 works just fine.

If you want to keep a detailed weather journal, Seasonality offers a Journal window that displays the basic weather data for each day along with a notes field for your own comments. Tracking multiple cities isn't an issue, since the journal generates a separate entry for each weather location.

The Bottom Line
Seasonality 1.3.2 is a versatile but easy to use weather monitoring and tracking application. It packs tons of information into a relatively small space and gives you the ability to hide data you aren't interested in. Unfortunately, viewing some information for international cities requires using a beta version of the application.


Product: Seasonality 1.3.2

Company: Gaucho Software

List Price: $24.95

4 out of 5 stars

Pros: Customizable window displays lots of information, easy to use, includes a daily weather journal.
Cons: International forecasting broken in the current version.

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