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Contour Design Flick case for iPhone 3G

Review - Contour Design Flick case for iPhone 3G

by , 2:00 PM EST, November 12th, 2008

Contour Design's Flick case for the iPhone 3G is a simple, easy to use case with an extremely unique feature from which its name is derived.

It's composed of two lightweight polycarbonate parts held together by a remarkable recessed rubber hinge. Which means you can "flick" the bottom part of the case backward and then dock your iPhone, as shown here:

You can see the rubber hinge better in the photo below (it says "Contour"):

While the flick feature is the coolest thing about this case, I also like its low-profile design, which barely adds any bulk. Furthermore, it's available in five colors -- black, white, red, blue, or purple -- and choice is always a good thing. It also includes a small removable silicon cover for the hold button, which I removed and promptly misplaced.

The only thing about the case which you might find objectionable is that the entire front of your iPhone is unprotected and unlike many cases, this one does not include a screen protector. While the polycarbonate seems relatively sturdy and I expect it to do a decent job of protecting the back and sides of your iPhone, the exposed front side may be a deal-breaker.

Finally, I would have dinged this case for being overpriced at an SRP of $34.95, but if you search for "Contour Design Flick iPhone 3G case" you'll find it available from numerous vendors for as little as $19.99, which I consider a more reasonable price for this case.

One last thing: The Flick case is available for the iPod touch at the same price (I did not test this model).

The Bottom Line

If easy docking is one of your main criteria for an iPhone case, look no further. The rubber hinge is ingenious, fast and easy to operate. But if you value full frontal protection over ease of docking, you should probably look elsewhere.

Product: Flick iPhone 3G case

Company: Contour Design

List Price: US$34.95

4 out of 5 stars

Pros: Unique hinge makes docking fast and easy, low profile design adds little bulk.
Cons: No frontal protection, removable cover for hold button easily lost.

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