Apple Arcade: Projection is a Beautiful Shadow Adventure Worthy of a Big Audience

Projection on Apple Arcade

One of the things Apple is keen to emphasize about Apple Arcade is the variety of games available. Projection: First Light is a perfect example of that. This shadow-based adventure is a huge contrast to things like LEGO Brawls or Mini Motorways.

Start of Projection on Apple Arcade

Control the Shadows

The story starts with a young girl chasing a butterfly, causing chaos in her town as she goes. (Chaos theory…butterfly effect…geddit?!) Sent to her room by her parents, she escapes. You must then guide her on her journey through various landscapes.  The critical thing is you control the light. Move it around to build shadows to help our heroine overcome various obstacles. The in-game instructions are similarly low key, taking you straight into the story.

Projection on Apple Arcade

High-quality Graphics and Challenging Games in Apple Arcade

The first thing that struck me with Projection is just how beautiful it is. The dark, sultry, graphics, accompanied by a minimalist soundtrack, draw you in. It feels like something you would find from a cool indie developer on Steam, not something sanctioned by mainstream-facing Apple.

Projection, like other games on Apple Arcade, is not easy. Even the early stages are challenging. However, that makes successfully guiding the character over an element and completing a level all the more satisfying. I am was absolutely gripped by Projection from the start. This impeccably developed deserves to be played by a large number of people.

Product: Projection: First Light

Company: Blowfish

List Price: Included with Apple Arcade subscription

Apple Arcade Subscription


Outstanding Product. Get It Now!


Beautiful, totally gripping, and thoroughly enjoyable.


Frustrating to master, but worth pursuing.

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