Page 2: Recommended Drawing Apps, Testing Against Apple Pencil, Final Words

Lynktec Apex Fusion

Shown in rose gold.

Recommended Drawing Apps

Lynktec has tested the Apex series and recommends its use with the following iPad drawing apps.

Comparison to Apple Pencil

Top: Apple Pencil (with PencilCozy). Below: Apex Fusion (silver)


I’ve been using this stylus daily for several weeks now, and I can report that it’s now my favorite stylus for all-around use. The feel, the weighting, the diameter, and the colors are amazing. While about an inch (2.5 cm) shorter than the Apple Pencil, it feels just as good, just as well weighted and just as grippy in the hand.

Well almost. The textured area just behind the tip is ostensibly designed to provide a more secure grip. In practice, I found that the texturing actually reduced the amount of metal in contact with my fingers. I preferred the feel of the smooth aluminum on the rest of the barrel. Lynktec responded:

That is a very interesting observation!

With Fusion, we’ve improved our circuit design a lot versus previous Apex products that really required a tight grip to ensure proper grounding between the human body and the touch screen. Users did complain about that for our past models so with Fusion we wanted to be sure to address it.

I did a comparison test of note taking with NoteShelf on my iPad Pro 12.9. The Apple Pencil produced a very fast and accurate response leading to more legible text. However, the Apex was just just a tad less smooth on the surface and a tad less responsive. It was a very small but noticeable difference. There is no doubt that, for the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil is still the best stylus money can buy.

Noteshelf test

NoteShelf test. Top: Apple Pencil. Below: Apex Fusion.

In all other respects, I found this stylus to be delightful. I kept it in the loop of the OtterBox Hybrid case that I used during testing, so it was always handy. I never ran the battery down all the way, and just occasionally connected it to the microUSB cable on my desk while I was writing on my Mac. It’s easy to do that because there’s no cap to unscrew, and the port is modest in size. It doesn’t affect the aesthetics of the stylus.

Of course, this stylus doesn’t have the advanced features of the Apple Pencil, but if you’re looking for an all-around stylus to use with all your devices—or you don’t have an iPad Pro—you will want this stylus. It’s the best I’ve ever used.

Packaging & Warranty

There is a very small pamphlet that describes the operation in several languages. Information on how to order a new tip, FAQ and contact information is provided. The warranty, including nib, is one year.

Final Words

Lynktec continues to improve the Apex series, and the company does it often. The design, the operation, the feel and the price are all well matched. Plus, I have to say, it’s the most beautiful stylus I’ve ever used. It feels good in the hand and that polymer fiber tip feels super smooth on the iPad’s glass.

For everyday operation on any iPad or iPhone, it’s a great choice. The very best yet.

Product: Apex Fusion

Company: Lynktec

List Price: US$59.99

Any iOS device or compatible Android tablet.


Outstanding Product. Get It Now!


Beautiful design, grip, feel and weighting in hand are excellent, 14 hour battery life, available in black, silver, gold, rose gold, polymer fiber tip is accurate and glides on glass smoothly, LED battery indicator, microUSB cable included, pocket clip. Replaceable nib.


No real negatives. Apple Pencil felt slightly superior in simple note-taking testing.

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