iPhone 12 Pro Review: An Absolute Joy to Use

iPhone 12 Pros Stacked Up

Let’s cut to the chase in this review. The new iPhone 12 Pro is an absolute joy to hold and use. The OLED display is stunning for consuming media on – you’ll notice it immediately if you’re moving up from a non-OLED Model, as I was. The cameras… well, we’ll get to that.

iPhone 12 Pro Setup and Battery Life

For just under a week I’ve been using an iPhone 12 Pro. As I mentioned previously, the setup process from another iPhone (in my case a XR,) was super easy – you simply scan some dots on screen when prompted, a bit like setting up an Apple Watch. The process is essentially painless now.

The device’ss battery life is impressive too. Depending on what you’re doing, and how low you’re prepared to go, you likely only need to charge it once every day-and-a-half. I only seem to have old 10W chargers and it’s taking a good two hours or more to get from low (around 10 percent) to full. Given, I’m not really having to charge regularly this is not a major issue. However, it is probably worth picking up a new MagSafe or 20W charger though if you want to go a bit faster.

The Cameras

Ok. Those cameras. I’m no photographer but even I took some decent snaps whilst out walking over the weekend, testing a variety of the different lenses and features. This included portrait and panoramic modes. The low-light capabilities are impressive too.

iPhone 12 Pro Heating Up

During periods of heavy usage like playing games or charging the iPhone 12 Pro heats up. We’re not talking skin-burning, but it’s noticeable, even though a case. (Yes, I succumbed and bought one.) While I’ve been super careful with my new phone and noticed any scratches (no… I’m not going to test ceramic shield for you,) I definitely notice fingerprints on the stainless steel back and screen.

Oh Yeah…5G

One thing readers will note is that I haven’t mentioned the device’s 5G capabilities. That’s partly because access to a 5G network is still relatively limited for most users and, as other iPhone 12 reviews indicated, really not the main reason to get the iPhone 12 Pro. Overall though, the iPhone 12 Pro is a stunning device and one that I suspect you learn to get more out of as time goes on.

Product: iPhone 12 Pro

Company: Apple

List Price: From $999


Outstanding Product. Get It Now!


Beautiful design, stunning display, and high-quality cameras.


You already have an iPhone 11 Pro?

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