Apple Arcade: Possessions Is an Engaging Puzzle Solver

Possessions on Apple Arcade is a unique puzzle game that doesn’t involve any shooting. In Possessions, you view the interior of rooms of a house, from all different angles. If first-person shooters are your kind of game, read no further, but if you’re looking for an engaging game of puzzle-solving, check out Possessions.

At each level, a short animation runs, and then a random object, maybe a table, seems to float in the middle of the room.  Your goal is to find the right view that will make the object look like it has been returned to it’s proper place.

For example, you start in the living room, and you see a lamp floating in the middle of the room. You can pinch the screen to zoom in, and a simple swipe of your finger in any direction will change your view of the screen.  When you get close to placing the object in the right spot, three tiny hexagons will appear. As your object gets closer to the right spot, the hexagons fill in.  Once you lock in three hexagons, your object is in the right place and you move on  to the next task.

Picking a Level

The game starts out simply with just one object to place on the level, but it quickly builds up. Sometimes you need to combine floating objects before you can place them in the right spot, and  the order of how objects are placed is also important.

For example, you may see a shirt and a hanger and a closet.  The closet is fixed in the room, but the hanger and the shirt are both floating. Maybe you need to get the shirt on the hanger, and then get it into the closet, or maybe you need to place the hanger in the closet before you can hang the shirt on it. The levels get more challenging by adding more objects, and requiring combinations of objects.

View of a Room

There is an AR mode that lets you place the puzzle room in your own room. I honestly found this option hard to use. It’s cool to float the game room in your own room once, but I didn’t find it to be an effective mode of play.

AR Mode – A Room in My Room

Overall, the graphics are simple, but well done. I like that you can take a couple of minutes to play one level and take a break without messing up your game, or you can keep going and continue through more levels if you have the time. The difficulty moves along at a good pace, getting hard enough to keep you interested without jumping to the point of frustration.

The only negative I have found to this game is that the pre-level movies can get a bit tedious. Sometimes they are fun to watch, and they often give clues to the upcoming level, but they can easily be skipped without ruining your game, at least in the first couple of chapters that I have gotten through. Give it a spin!

Product: Posessions

Company: Noodlecake

List Price: Apple Arcade Subscription

Apple Arcade


We Like It. You Should Get It.


Simple, but attractive graphics. Levels can be solved in as little as a few minutes. Fun and engaging.


Transition movies can get tedious.

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