Apple Arcade: Spaceland is a Turn-Based Shooting Game

I’m not really a huge mobile gamer but I think that Apple Arcade is a great deal at US$4.99/month. You also get a free one month trial. A game that caught my eye while browsing the selections was Spaceland. I’ve been playing on and off for about a week.


  • Age Rating: 12+
  • Category: Strategy
  • Players: 1
  • Developer: Tortuga Team
  • Controller: Supported
  • Size: 347.3 MB

When you start the game you find that the main characters are Space Rangers. These are a rag-tag team of heroes tasked with investigating a distress signal coming from a planet. When you land and the characters go through their dialog, you’ll be directed to different areas to explore.

Screenshot of a battle in spaceland

Each character has their own unique weapons, armor, and style. For example, one character uses a shotgun which deals high damage to the aliens. But it’s more effect when used in close range. Another character—the engineer—is able to interact with computer systems on the planet.

I haven’t finished the game so I don’t know what the end result is, but so far I’m having fun with it. In each level you have to defeat the aliens, and the levels get progressively harder. In one level you can only kill an alien with explosive barrels. Other aliens have a tough, armored front and can only be killed from behind. It’s strategy, action, and puzzle rolled into one.

Each level has objectives, like completing in under a certain amount of terms, making sure characters don’t die, and finding a secret within each level (I haven’t found any). You’ll be rewarded with gold for each completed objective, which you can spend on gear.

Overall it’s a fun game that I recommend, and you can download Spaceland here.

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Product: Spaceland

Company: Tortuga Team

List Price: Included in Apple Arcade

  • iOS 13 or later

Outstanding Product. Get It Now!

  • Easy to get started and doesn’t require a lot of knowledge to “get”
  • None that I found

2 thoughts on “Apple Arcade: Spaceland is a Turn-Based Shooting Game

  • General Apple Arcade question: considering that the games have to run on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, how advanced are the controls and/or are there some games that are far easier to play on one kind of device than another? I can imaging that race car games are much easier to play on AppleTV with a MFi gamepad (I don’t like tilt-to-steer on iPhone/iPad very much) but it might be the case that the controls are more simplified than on some game consoles because the game has to work on iPhone/iPad anyway. Or this Spaceland game, it looks like it would be easier to play with a touchscreen or a mouse but not so easy on an AppleTV. Do you have enough experience to give feedback on that? Can I consider some of the Apple Arcade games to be “serious” games and treat the AppleTV like a game console, or not really?

    1. So far Spaceland is the only Arcade game I’ve played, and this one seems to favor touch screens although controllers are supported. I would think the same as you, where certain games might be better played with a controller, like Frogger, Agent Intercept, or Oceanhorn 2.

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