iKlip Grip Pro is one of those devices that appeals to my love of clever. In one device, IK Multimedia has a tabletop tripod, a monopod/camera grip, and a selfie stick with an included Bluetooth remote the company pretends we’ll use for above-the-crowd shots. Better, the company did so without compromising the function of any of those three modes.

My focus was on its use as an iPhone grip, but it also comes with a standard camera mount the company says makes it a 4-in-1.

iKlip Grip Pro

iKlip Grip Pro

iKlip Grip Pro

In addition to the above-mentioned uses, iKlip Grip Pro is collapsible, which makes it portable. The stand portion is comprised of three legs that swallow the telescoping shaft. When you’re using it as a stand, those legs unfold. When you’re using it as a grip, those legs form a handle that’s quite comfortable to hold.

It comes with two mounts, one for cameras/GoPros that I didn’t test. The other is a spring-loaded, adjustable smartphone clamp that works with devices from 2.13-inches (54mm) up to 3.58-inches (91mm) wide. The smartphone mount held my iPhone 7 securely. Once in place and the ball joint locked, my iPhone just plain didn’t move.

Both mounts fit on a ball joint that spins in 360 degrees and can be angled up to 90 degrees. In other words, you can shoot from just about any angle or direction you might want.

iKlip Grip Pro is made of a combination of plastic and metal parts—the legs are plastic, while the telescoping shaft is metal. It’s very lightweight, but each component seems suited to its task. I expect it to last.

Tabletop Tripod

As a tabletop tripod, iKlip Grip Pro has a larger footprint than, say, a dedicated tripod like Joby GorillaPod. You’ll appreciate the larger footprint, though, if you’re extending the telescoping shaft in tripod mode. The wider stance increases overall stability.

While the feet are plastic, each one has a rubber foot which further increases stability by reducing friction and vibration.

iKlip Grip Pro in Tabletop Tripod mode

iKlip Grip Pro in Tabletop Tripod mode

Monopod/Camera Grip

With the shaft collapsed and the legs folded into grip-mode, iKlip Grip Pro is very comfortable to hold. It made my test videos steadier, and when using it in conjunction with the included Bluetooth remote, stills were easier to snap. This mode also works as a monopod for steadying your iPhone on any surface.

iKlip Grip Pro as a monopod

Using iKlip Grip Pro as a monopod

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