iKlip Grip Pro an Excellent Multifunction Tripod, Monopod, Selfie Stick

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Page 2 – iKlip Grip Pro as Selfie Stick, Bluetooth Remote, and Summary

Selfie Stick/Above-the-Crowd Grip

The telescoping shaft has four segments, and you can extend it as much or as little as needed. Each segment can be locked into place with a twist of the base. The maximum length is 24.4-inches (62cm), and that includes the the length of the grip itself.

iKlip Grip Pro as a selfie stick

iKlip Grip Pro in selfie stick extended mode

There are longer selfie sticks out there, but the trade-off is how light, compact, and collapsible iKlip Grip Pro is. Any longer, and you’d have to have very thin (and potential weak) segments, or have a much fatter base. That would add weight and make the feet-as-handles less ergonomic.

In practice, I found the selfie-stick mode to be plenty long enough to capture said selfies. Your mileage may vary, but I think it’s also plenty long enough for a good look above a crowd.

Bluetooth Remote

iKlip Grip Pro comes with a Bluetooth remote for triggering your camera. It features a button for iOS devices and a second button for Android devices. The remote attaches to a clip on the Grip itself, where it slides down and snaps securely into place. It was designed so that it can stay in its clip even when unfolding the legs for tripod mode.

iKlip Grip Pro Bluetooth remote clipped

iKlip Grip Pro Bluetooth remote clipped

That last bit was a nice tough on the part of IK Multimedia, but while it’s snapped into place, you can pivot the button as if it were on a hinge. This lets you hold and use the remote comfortably while it’s still attached. It’s very clever design with a high utility value.

I didn’t test the Android functionality.


About the only thing I don’t love about iKlip Grip Pro was the locking mechanism for the telescoping shaft. One twists the base to lock and unlock it, which is necessary for keeping it collapsed and for holding everything in place when in use.

It works when locked—which is key—but I found it necessary to quibble with the shaft when telescoping it. You need everything lined up just so to extend each segment.

This is a minor quibble, though, as iKlip Grip Pro gets so many things right and does so many things well.


iKlip Grip Pro is a multi-function device. As such, it’s not the best at any one of those functions, but it does all three of them very well, or better. The finishing touches—rubber feet, ball joint mount, clever Bluetooth remote clip, and tripod feet that fold into an ergonomic handle—are all excellent. Better yet, it’s collapsible and highly portable.

If you need two or more of the functions this device offers, it’s a no-brainer.

Product: iKlip Grip Pro

Company: IK Multimedia

List Price: $59.99

iPhone or Android smartphone


Outstanding Product. Get It Now!


Clever design offers flexible use and convenient features; many nice finishing touches; lightweight, collapsible, and portable; well made.


Telescoping shaft needs to be perfectly aligned to extend.

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