Review: AirSnap Twill Gives You a Stylish AirPods Case

The AirSnap Twill case by Twelve South was announced just a couple weeks ago, and the company kindly sent me one to review.

AirSnap Twill Specs

  • Height: 2.9 inches (75 mm)
  • Width: 2.1 inches (53 mm)
  • Depth: .98 inches (25 mm)
  • Weight: .8 ounces (22 g)

airsnap twill case

You can use AirSnap Twill whether you have the first generation AirPods or the second generation. It has a hole on the bottom for the Lightning cable, and you can place it on a wireless charger, too. The cases come in two colors: Smoke Gray (dark) and Fog Gray (light).

The fabric feels crisp, and I believe it’s a type of twill fabric called chino. I had a discussion with some people (before I got this case) and we were trying to figure out if something was twill or tweed.  Some twill is all about a diagonal weave, but chino is more of a plain weave that matches the appearance of the AirSnap Twill.

airsnap twill case with airpods


I haven’t been keeping the case on all the time in day-to-day use. But since it comes with a clip, I like to clip it inside my backpack when I go camping. I think that’s where it really comes in handy. Just put the AirPods case in, and snap the cover on. The fabric is stiff, so you’ll get some protection.

All in all, I think it’s a solid product to get if you want a case for your AirPods. You can pick it up on Twelve South’s website for US$34.99.

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Product: AirSnap Twill

Company: Twelve South

List Price: $34.99

  • AirPods: Works with Gen 1 and Gen 2

We Like It. You Should Get It.

  • Stylish
  • Works with wired and wireless charging
  • Most cases, including this one, are going to be a bit bulky

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