Review: Take Breadcrumb Next Time You Camp or Hike

Breadcrumb is a tracking device that you can carry with you when you go camping or hiking, or place it with an item you won’t want to lose. There is a companion app that lets you find and manage the device.

breadcrumb tracker


  • LIGHTS: 5 Bright Blue LEDs
  • DIMENSIONS: 2.5”   x 2.5”
  • WEIGHT: No number given
  • TRACKABLE RANGE: 100+ Yards
  • BATTERY: 2 AAA Batteries (Lithium Recommended)

Once you pair the tracker with your phone, you can track it from over 100 yards away. When you get close to it, you can use the signal strength indicator and activate the sound beacon and/or light to hone in. Even if you go out of range, it will send you its last known location so the app will remember it.

You can also use the app to share the Breadcrumb’s location with a friend, so they can track it for you, or track YOU when you’re out on a hike. When you’re done, just unshare the location. Here are some uses that Breadcrumb recommends:

  • Locate Stands & Hunting Blinds – Flash a pre-dawn light to find your stand without disturbing game around you
  • Mark Trail Cameras – Save time and frustration when checking SD cards or changing batteries
  • Stash your Pack – Find your way back to the pack you ditch when the stalk intensifies
  • Create Trail Beacons – Identify trailheads and paths to ensure you take the right route
  • Safety Monitoring – Keep in your safety vest so others know you’ve made it in and out of your stand
  • Mark A Blood Trail – Make sure you find your trail even if you need to wait until morning
  • Track Rifle & Bow Cases – Ensure bows and rifles make it on your plane when traveling to a hunt
  • Find ATV Keys – Never lose keys in the woods again
breadcrumb tracker with airpods
Size comparison with AirPods

You can pick up a single Breadcrumb tracker for US$39.99. Save 12% when you buy a two-pack for US$69.98, or save 24% when you buy a three-pack for US$89.99. Overall, I was pleased with the device, and found it useful when I went camping this summer.

Product: Breadcrumb

Company: Breadcrumb LLC

List Price: $39.99

  • Breadcrumb app
  • 2 AAA batteries

Outstanding Product. Get It Now!

  • I like that it’s battery-powered
  • Versatile with sound alarm and light
  • Weather resistant
  • None that I found

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