Mimeo Photos is a great photo printing service I’ve reviewed before, and earlier this month they launched a new line of photo wall decor. The metal photo plate I ordered has the same high level of quality as my photo book.

Mimeo Wall Decorations

There are several materials for you to choose from to match your room’s style:

  • Canvas – Starting at US$34.99
  • Metal – Starting at US$59.99
  • Acrylic – Starting at US$79.99
  • Prints – Starting at US$7.99

Man holding Mimeo Photos metal wall decor

There are two options to start the process. One is to download the Mimeo Photos app from the Mac App Store. It’s an app extension that works directly within the Photos app. If you don’t have a Mac there is an online app available, so everyone can use the service.

Similar to the photo book I created, all you do is choose the format—portrait or landscape—then pick the size. You’ll obviously want to pick a high-quality image, because not all smartphone photos look great blown up and printed out.

Like the photo book, I think using Mimeo’s photo wall decor products is a no-brained if you want high quality photo printing. These can spice up your room in no time and make great gifts, too (like I did with this product).

Mimeo Photos metal wall decor on couch

Product: Wall Decor

Company: Mimeo Photos

List Price: $59.99


Outstanding Product. Get It Now!

  • High-quality products
  • Easy to use
  • Fast shipping
  • None that I found
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