Review: Satechi’s iPad Pro Hub + Stand is an Oddball

Satechi folding iPad stand and hub

Satechi’s latest product is a folding stand with ports for the iPad Pro. You can buy it for US$99.99 and it comes in a space gray finish. It’s kind of an oddball, though.

iPad Pro Hub + Stand

I’m a big fan of Satechi’s products and I use the company’s other foldable stand daily with my iPad. But I’m not a fan of this new one and I’m struggling to discover the best technological niche it fills. Let’s get the specs out of the way first.

This product is a compact, box-like device. Open the lid and you’ll find a small USB-C cable nestled inside. Plug it into your iPad Pro and you’ll have access to the ports at the rear of the stand:

  • 4K HDMI (60Hz)
  • USB-C PD charging
  • USB-A
  • SD card reader – one for regular size and one for mini SD card
  • 3.5mm audio jack

It’s just a hair over 5-inches wide. This ties into the nature of this device as the product page says: “Convenient, foldable design makes it a breeze to store on-the-go.” But I don’t think this is an ideal product to use while you travel with your iPad.

It is small, yes, but you’ll still need to carry an external keyboard. But an iPad keyboard case is more efficient at this task as it reduces your overall device footprint. Second, the viewing angle is terrible if you just set it down on a table. You’ll have to either use a standing desk or set it on top of a stack of books. On the contrary, many if not all iPad cases let you easily adjust the viewing angle.

I suppose it’s a good product to use if you require ports on your journey, but again a regular ole’ dongle has a smaller, more portable profile unless you require multiple ports. At that point I would suggest a multi-port adapter.

Overall, I can’t recommend this product; it’s just bad at everything it tries to accomplish for its intended travel, portable purpose.

Product: iPad Pro Stand + Hub

Company: Satechi

List Price: $99.99

  • USB-C iPad like an iPad Pro or iPad Air 4th-gen

Not Recommended. Steer Clear!

  • Compact design
  • Bad viewing angle
  • Not great for travel if you require a small device footprint

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