Spectre Camera Adds New Depth to My Photos

Apple named camera-app Spectre its iOS App of the Year in 2019. I gave it app a try and quickly saw why Apple gave it that accolade.

Take Professional Looking Photos With Spectre

Spectre uses AI to create long exposure camera lens effects. It can help take beautiful, professional-looking, shots in the dark. One thing I really like is that the app provides a number of tips, giving you ideas and telling you the settings required to create certain kinds of images. My pictures were taken quickly. They won’t win any photography prizes. However, using the different settings gave me a different, higher quality, shot. You can make trails of lights glow and people disappear, for instance. You can also make short movie clips using live photograph settings.

Spectre tube

Spectre isn’t going to do much for photographers who use their iPhone in a professional setting, I’d imagine. However, at┬ájust $2.99 in the App Store, it offers good value for money for amateur snappers.

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