‘Ted Lasso’ Season Two Review: Episode 12 – Finale

Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso

The final episode of Ted Lasso season two, the breakthrough Apple TV+ comedy series, is available now. In this review, I’ll take in both that finale and previous episodes. Spoilers abound – you’ve been warned!

There were a number of questions to be answered leading in the last episode of Ted Lasso season two. Happily, plenty are, while a few plot twists and cliffhangers remain for the third (and final?) outing. Amongst other things, we learn what Sam’s decision is, what happens as a result of Ted’s panic attack being made public, and whether Richmond makes it back to the big time.

Story Comes Out

The episode starts with Ted reeling as Trent Crimm’s story about his panic attack makes waves. There’s a touching moment as Couch Beard shows his support in a way only Beard can. Then it’s back to work, preparing for the clash against Brentford that will decide whether Richmond is promoted or not.

Meanwhile, Keeley learns she has been offered venture capital money to start her own PR firm. Her development from ditzy footballer’s girlfriend into an independent businesswoman has been really enjoyable to watch during Ted Lasso season two. It is highlighted by the Vanity Fair article about her coming through, and featuring no pictures with Roy…Even he has to admit it works. I’ve also loved the dynamic between the female characters, and the scene in which Keeley tells Rebecca she is leaving really goes all-in on that. I’m sure we will see more of her though.

Cleaning up ‘Ted Lasso Season’ Two Loose Ends

And what about Nate? Oh, Nate. He spoke to Trent about the panic attack, and his jealousy finally comes to the fore in a confrontation with Ted. Given what we’ve seen previously, it’s fairly clear that the former kit man is actually hitting out at his father not his boss, but it is still quite dramatic to see these two characters square up in this way. The final reveal that he has stormed off and become manager of West Ham, now owned by Rebecca’s ex-husband Rupert, comes as little surprise following their exchange at the funeral.

A similar approach is taken when Sam reveals his decision. He tells Rebecca and Ted that he is staying, but everyone involved in the conversation realizes he is addressing the woman he had an affair with, not his coach. As for love, are Keeley and Roy ever going to settle? Surely the constant references to her independence and her new job are just a setup for a horrid breakup in forthcoming episodes?

In a nice flourish, we learn that Trent Crimm is now…independent, having lost his job for revealing the source of his panic attack story. Accuracy points restored!

Generally, lots of the Ted Lasso season two storylines are resolved in this final episode, culminating with another Danny Rojas penalty and a dog standing by the sideline. This one goes in. Having been 2-0 down, Richmond is back in the Premier League, a draw proving enough to clinch the second, and final, automatic promotion spot.

Is ‘Ted Lasso’ Season Two Actually Good?

The only question that remains is whether this collection of 12 episodes has been any good. Well, some of them have. We went into Ted Lasso season one with no expectations, and season two with very high expectations. I’m not convinced those were met consistently enough. However, when the show got it right, it really got it right, and it’s nice that the team finally had some success. See you back in the Premier League.

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