‘Ted Lasso’ Season Two Review: Episode Five – Rom-Communism

Ted Lasso Coach Beard Nathan

I confess – I can’t tell if episode five of Ted Lasso season two is brilliant or awful. The setup remains that AFC Richmond is in a mess, unable to win a game, and now captain Isaac (played by Kola Bokinni,) is suffering more than most. There is apparently only one way to fix it “rom-communism.” Yup, it’s time to resort to the tried and tested methods of…rom-coms.

‘Ted Lasso’ Season Two Episode Five Sacharrine Overload

If last week’s episode was a tribute to classic, mostly British, Christmas movies, this week’s is a tribute to rom-coms. And, like last week, almost every cliché in the book has been, knowingly, thrown in. The cardboard signs scene in the previous episode was clever enough as a one-off. Trying to perform a similar trick twice in a row feels somewhat lazy. The product placement via Keeley has also gone from being neatly woven into the story to being quite tiresome.

I actually think the show would benefit from returning a bit more to the actual football. Ted Lasso season one kept enough football in that it was clear what the show was about, without having it dominate, meaning non-football fans could still enjoy the show. Season two has cut out a lot of the matchplay sequencing and is weaker for it.

All that said, I did actually enjoy watching this episode. It made me laugh, we’ve learned a bit more about Nathan, and it all ends on quite a high as Roy and Isaac rediscover their love for the beautiful game. The joke about Ryan Reynold’s and Rob McElhenney, who stars in Mythic Quest, owning AFC Wrexham is a great bit of Apple TV+ universe cross-referencing.

Overall, there’s no disputing that Ted Lasso Season two episode five is another fun half-an-hour of TV. It’s just a bit of a saccharine overload.

Oh, and now do you believe me about Ted and Rebecca?!

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