‘Ted Lasso’ Season Two Review: Episode Nine – A Night Out With Coach Beard

Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard in 'Ted Lasso'

The fallout from Richmond’s crushing defeat to Manchester City continues in Ted Lasso season two episode nine. We follow Coach Beard around London as looks to get over the semi-final loss.

Extended Time With Coach Beard and the Boys From the Pub

The whole setup leaves viewers unclear as to what is real or fantasy. The constant references to dropped keys…the eery presence of BBC Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker and former France international Thierry Henry…the big blue moon in the sky (a Manchester City reference). Combined with cinematography, this all gives the episode a dream-like feel. However, the final scene seems to clear everything up as we see Coach Beard’s bruises and those trousers at the end. No Inception-like frustration here.

Not only is this episode of Ted Lasso season two longer than normal, it’s also the first time we’ve spent a really extended amount of time with Coach Beard. Brendan Hunt (pictured above), gives a really strong performance, giving us an insight into the usually reserved character. We see how acutely he feels it when the team does badly and how hurt he is by his turbulent relationship with Jane.

Ted Lasso season two episode nine also features one of the best jokes the show has produced. I won’t spoil it here but look out for the Prince Andrew one-liner. There are also extended roles for the pub fans of Baz, Jeremy, and Paul, who get to live their own dream. Actors Adam Colborne, Bronson Webb, and Kevin ‘KG’ Garry all put in great performances.

Ted Lasso Season Two Scores More Accuracy Points

While I don’t recall central London ever being as quiet as it’s shown to be in this episode, it gets good realism points for the sequence in which Coach Beard is thrown off the bus for failing to ‘tap-in’. This is a reference to London’s transport payment system which requires a traveler to ‘tap-in’ (and out, on the tube) using either a contactless debit/credit card or an ‘Oyster’ card. It was also accurate that Mr. Lineker would be the pundit discussing the FA Cup tie as it’s the BBC who hold the broadcast rights. (Mr. Henry is also not a regular presence on the show in recent times.)

Overall this is another pleasingly strong episode. Following being crowned Program of the Year at the Television Critics Association Awards, Ted Lasso season two may finally be coming into some form.

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