‘The Morning Show’ Season Two, Episode Eight Review

The last episode of The Morning Show season two ended on an (almost literal) cliffhanger, as Mitch is involved in a car crash. We return not knowing the fate of him nor of Alex, who had been visiting and was shown on the road at the same time.

Search For Mitch

In this week’s episode, it makes it to the UBA newsroom fairly quickly that Mitch has been involved in the accident and may be dead. The team has to go headfirst into searching for confirmation, as rivals cede the ground and let them break the news. It brings up emotions for those who worked while Mitch was around, particularly Mia, who now leads the show.

Added to all this is the fact that while viewers know where Alex is, or has been, but her colleagues do not. When Chip ascertains she has been in Italy, their panic reaches a crescendo. His relief when he meets her, safe and well, of the tarmac is palpable. They then get a crucial second confirmation from Paola in Italy.

Confrontation and Reconciliation in ‘The Morning Show Season Two

Chip and Alex decide to go and tell Mitch’s ex-wife Paige in person what has happened. The journey seemingly ends their attempts at reconcilaiton as Alex hears the angry, offensive messages Chip has left on her voicemail when he did not know where she was. As has been the case with various points of The Morning Show season two, this confrontation was rather predictable, but the depth of feeling is real.

Back at base, Mia is trying to manage her team and her feelings. The copy she writes to eventually announce Mitch’s death outlines the difficulty in respecting someone who has died, whilst acknowledging their wrongdoing.


Family Problems

As if that wasn’t all difficult enough for one day, Bradley’s brother Hal turns up at the studio, causing an almighty scene mid-broadcast. It brings more trauma to the surface for the host, as she looks to make a break with her past and tries to navigate her future with Laura.

Moving Forward in ‘The Morning Show’ Season Two

This episode is one of the more compelling of The Morning Show season two. There is a slight clunkiness, and I suspect (although I don’t know for sure) that Mitch’s death was part of an original storyline before the pandemic was later woven in. It is a mechanism that allows the series to move on and tackle issues beyond the #metoo movement.

Maggie Brenner’s book still looms large though…

[Updated November 8 to include ‘Behind The Episode’ clip.]

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