Weather Now, a Gorgeous, Informative Weather App for iOS

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Check out Weather Now, a great weather app for iPhone and iPad John Kheit turned me onto. It features a gorgeous interface, customizable settings, easily-understood information, and maps for wind speeds, waves, high and low temperatures tracked on the same timeline, and more.

Weather Now for iOS

The first thing about this app is that it looks great. The default view is a spinnable globe of the Earth (sorry, flat earthers) with your location highlighted. You also see the terminator line, as shown below, as well as time and current conditions. You can spin the globe (if you want) and zoom in a little. City lights are visible on the night-side portion of the globe.

Home View in Weather Now
You Are Here

Forecast View

The forecast view is likely to be the most important view to most folks, and Weather Now offers a comprehensive look at your weather in a glance. The top panel features a detailed forecast for today, with 8 hours visible at any given time. You can scroll back a few hours to the left, and forward up to 2 days to the right. In the settings, you can change the granularity of this view from 1 hour increments to 6 hours. In the screenshot below, I’m looking at 2 hour increments.

Forecast View in Weather Now
Forecast View in Weather Now

The next panel down offers a 2-week forecast (scroll to the right for more. One of the things I like is that I can see low temperatures in blue and high temperatures in red. That’s a great way to represent this info.

Cloudiness conditions and rain chances are represented by an icon across the top for each day, with an easy-to-read chance of precipitation below. Weekend days are marked in red for yet another handy visual cue for grokking the context of all this information.


The Maps view gives you access to Wind, Rain and Snow, Temperature, Clouds, CAPE Index (Convective Available Potential Energy), and for your surfers, Waves. The map below shows live wind conditions, and it’s an animated map in the app.

Winds Map in Weather Now
Winds Map in Weather Now

I’d never heard of the CAPE Index before, but it’s a measure of atmospheric instability. Lightning activity is one thing that can be gleaned from the CAPE Index.

Paid Features

The app is a free download, with a US$4.99 in-app purchase unlocking temperature-on-badge and weather notifications. I saw some squawking from people in the App Store reviews complaining about the price, but the app is gorgeous and comes with a lot of features for free and without ads. I happily paid $4.99 to support the developers and get those last two features.


Weather Now presents information in an easy-to-digest way, and it looks great. I love weather apps in general, but this is one I’m going to use a lot.

Product: Weather Now

Company: DeluxeWare

List Price: Free

iOS 9 or later


Outstanding Product. Get It Now!


Gorgeous, well laid out, informative, and useful.



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