Reivew: Search Faster With WonderSwipe Research Tool

WonderSwipe is a research tool that wants to help you search faster. It’s a research and reference tool and not technically a browser, despite the name WonderSwipe Research Browser. I spent some time using it, and here are my thoughts.

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WonderSwipe is a new app in active development, so I’m kept that in mind as I use the app. The first thing I noticed is that you can only search using Google. You can’t pick your own search engine. I find this strange because the app description mentions “A refreshing opposite from ad-driven mega tech corporations nowadays…”

You still see the same Google ads as always. However, WonderSwipe removes JavaScript and HTML rendering when delivering search results, so I haven’t found ads on other websites.


Searching is pretty straightforward. You type in a search result in Google, then swipe left to dive in the first 10 search results. There is a series of dots at the bottom, representing each web page. Unfortunately you can’t slide your finger on it to quickly scrub through results, you have to keep swiping.

Swiping has a problem though. Google redesigned its mobile view to have some elements be displayed in swipable cards, like videos or top news articles. But I can’t swipe through those cards, it just takes me to the first search result. So WonderSwipe might need to rethink how that works.

When you get to the end, you see a WonderSwipe page that has options to review and share the app, as well as watch a tutorial video. There is no way to get rid of the page. Swiping after this page loads the next 10 search results.

WonderSwipe is a research tool that wants to help you search faster.
In the first image, I can’t swipe through those videos

I think it’s cool that WonderSwipe provides a summary of each web page. You can also have the app read each search summary. The voice reads fast, but you can’t control the speed.

It is faster than searching through a traditional browser, like Safari. That’s because you can immediately see each web page, instead of opening pages in multiple tabs. This is a good app to use if you’re researching on your iPhone. There is no iPad app right now.

I mention an iPad app because I’m not convinced that this will be faster than traditional research on a laptop or desktop. If you’re one of those people that went iPad-only, then I could see it as being helpful if it comes to the iPad. But it’s cumbersome as an iPhone-only app, since you have to switch back-and-forth between devices.


It’s an interesting concept, and I look forward to seeing how WonderSwipe improves. It’s rough around the edges right now, but since it’s in active development that’s understandable. The app description says that a social highlight and annotation feature is coming in the future.

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Product: WonderSwipe Research Browser

Company: Zeta Networks

List Price: Free


It's Okay. Get It If You Need It.

  • Search results are summarized
  • Search terms are highlighted
  • Summaries can be read to you
  • Swiping is incompatible with certain Google search results
  • No choice of search providers
  •  No control over the voice speed
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Thanks for the honest review! I’d like address concerns in this article one by one. > Swiping is incompatible with certain Google search results This is by design. The carousels on mobile Google search page interferes with the horizontal swiping intrinsic to WonderSwipe’s navigation, as we’ve seen in user testing. So we took the lesser of evils on what’s commonly expected while swiping horizontally on WonderSwipe. If certain carousels on the Google search page is useful, you can tap the globe icon on bottom right to open the search page itself in a full Web view. As you can on… Read more »