The X-Doria Evervue is a mostly transparent case for the iPhone 7. It affords really good protection and is not overly expensive compared to most cases these days. However, I noted multiple minor drawbacks that you should be aware of.


This is another installment in the reviews I’m doing of transparent cases for the iPhone 7. I’ve selected this theme because of the many nice colors available for the iPhone 7 this year. Many owners will want to appreciate their color choice, be able to see and display the Apple logo, and yet have decent protection.

X-Doria Evervue case for iPhone 7

For comparison, I’ve reviewed other transparent cases for the iPhone 7.

  1. Silk Innovation Transparent Case for iPhone 7: Highest Marks
  2. 3 Mostly Transparent Cases for the iPhone 7/Plus

Evervue Features

  1. Hard polycarbonate case with TPU bumper and a metallic shell.
  2. Raised front lip protects the display when face down.
  3. Extra thick TPU bumper/edges provide impact protection.
  4. Fairly lightweight at 29 grams.
X-Doria Evervue colors

Space gray, silver, rose gold and gold.

One way to assess this case is to compare it to the Silk Innovation PureView. First, the extra thick TPU edges are very firm. That makes inserting and (especially) removing the iPhone particularly difficult. For a time, I thought I might bend or damage my iPhone, so great was the force needed to remove it. Secondly, the extra thick edges make for a rather difficult button press through compare to the PureView.

In addition the style of this case consists of opaque edges and an opaque section on the back. These areas come in space gray, rose gold, gold and silver to match the color of your iPhone. (Shown here is the silver version which complemented my standard black iPhone 7 nicely.)

You’ll have to decide if you like this color matching scheme or if you prefer a perfectly transparent case.

X-Doria Everview edges

The edges are especially thick. Good and bad in this case.

One thing that can annoy me about a case is when the developers name is too garish. With this case, the “X-Doria” printing on the back is borderline annoying for me. Not obnoxious, but not very discreet either. The PureView shows its modesty.

Unfortunately, I must mention three other negatives when compared the Silk Innovation PureView. First, the PureView’s trapezoidal opening for the camera and flash is very stylish. It makes the oval shape on the X-Doria seem rather mundane. Second, no screen protector is included. Finally, the MSRP on the X-Doria case is US$29.99, a conventional price for a case sold through retailers but almost three times the price of the PureView. (The Evervue is $21.09 on Amazon.) Finally, the information I was sent does not mention a corresponding product for the iPhone 7 Plus.

PureView.vs. Evervue

L: PureView. R: Evervue

Packaging & Warranty

The box is stiff paper without a lot of supporting information. There are, however, some URLs in fine print. The warranty is one year and X-Doria cites free shipping and free returns.

Final Notes

This is a solid, respectable case that’s mostly transparent and has color matching to four of the iPhone 7 colors. However, along with several minor negatives, I found the difficulty of removal and the difficult button push though annoying enough that this case won’t replace my current favorite, the PureView.

On the other hand, if you’re particularly rough on your iPhone or have a tendency to drop it, the extra thick edges will probably pay off. It’s a trade you’ll have to consider along with the price compared to lower cost alternatives.

Product: Evervue for iPhone 7

Company: X-Doria

List Price: US$29.99

Vendor Price: $21.09


It's Okay. Get It If You Need It.


Mostly transparent. Color regions match four colors of iPhone 7.  Extra thick TPU edges absorb impact.


Hard to install and remove. Difficult button push through. Not available for iPhone 7 Plus.

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