Review: Yes, I’m Obsessed With Mario Kart Tour? And?

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I’ve always been a fan of Mario Kart. (True story – my friends and I have been known to hold parties based around a drinking game version. I’m not very good. It gets messy.) I was, therefore, pretty excited to learn about Nintendo bringing a version of the game to the iPhone.

Classic Courses and Characters

Mario Kart Tour does not disappoint. It draws on all the classic courses you have raced on and over the years – Rainbow Road anyone? – with all the characters you love.

You work your way through ‘Cups’ normally comprising of three courses and a challenge. Win races and get better characters, karts, and gliders. Some of these give you special extras on certain courses. There are also segments where you can play friends and others online. As it is a racing format, it is always tempting to go back and beat your score or take on others, making Mario Kart Tour highly addictive.

Mario Kart Works Well, Really Well, on iPhone

I could go in-depth about how good the graphics and gameplay are. And both those things are true. It feels like a full version of Mario Kart on mobile, and there really is no higher praise. Break it all down though, and the bottom line is this game is just really, really fun. I’ve lost a lot of time to it.

That’s not to say everything is perfect. I would like more segments that are playable with friends. While there are lots of course options, many of them do repeat. That is scraping the barrel though. Mario Kart Tour shows exactly how games could and should be converted from game consoles to mobile devices.

Product: Mario Kart Tour

Company: Nintendo

List Price: Free


Outstanding Product. Get It Now!


Brilliant fun, bringing classing courses and characters to your iPhone.


Totally addictive.

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