All the rumors suggest the March 31 event is canceled. What’s next?

Tech enthusiasts all around the world had been expecting Apple’s March 31 event with lots of hopes and dreams. If various leaks are true, the company had an awful lot to release, whether it’s the new iPhone, MacBook, or iPad.

However, the more underwhelming rumors are dangerously getting real: Apple may have actually canceled this event, leaving many enthusiasts pondering the possible implications. Will we get these products anyway or should we wait all the way until September for that? Let’s find out.

Every product expected on March event

The new iPhone SE 2

First, let’s talk about all the product lineups that might be upgraded or get a completely new beginning. Let’s begin with the most exciting part: the iPhone. It was the March 2016 event where Apple announced its budget iPhone SE which, to be fair, wasn’t close to breaking any sales records, yet many people loved the smaller form factor and great performing power – for that time, at least.

That’s why the rumors about the new iPhone SE 2 (or whatever name Apple gives it) was so exciting for many people. It’s already been almost four years from the release of the original SE and it’s definitely high time to upgrade it. The first significant report came from Ming-Chi Kuo, who’s quite famous for his incredible track record of leaks and predictions about various pieces of tech.

As for the spec list, we expect to see the same A13 Bionic chip that powers the new iPhone 11 flagships. The form factor will probably resemble that of the iPhone 8 with thick bezels and the actual Home button.

New App Store rules

This next point is also related to the iPhones and the whole iOS ecosystem. In June 2019, the company announced that before a certain deadline, every app in the App Store should’ve been transformed from the universal HTML5 to Apple’s native programming platform.

This was really hurtful news for many providers, especially for online gaming developers. For all the real money casino slots online games, this new rule meant that they had to be either removed from the App Store or completely redesigned, imposing additional burden to their creators.

While Apple eventually extended the deadline to March 3 of this year, the rumors about Coronavirus and its prospective implications for the creators didn’t help ease the situation. Therefore, the new rule is already in place with many HTML5-based apps gone from the store.

The new MacBook Pro

With the release of the MacBook Pro 16-inch in 2019, Apple finally heard the users and changed the biggest issue that bugged everyone for at least four years: the keyboard. The butterfly keyboard was indeed very awful in many ways and it’s wonderful news that the company has finally returned to the old Scissor Switch keyboards that are more reliable and satisfying.

Judging from that, fans are also expecting this overhaul in the smaller, 13-inch MacBook Pro. And the rumors have finally landed: Apple is reportedly issuing the updated version of the smaller MacBook Pro that will have the new keyboard. But perhaps even more exciting news is that the new device will also have a slightly larger screen: 14.1 inches diagonally. This will make the smaller MacBook Pro an ideal choice for a lot of users.

The new iPad Pro

Last, but not least, let’s talk about the iPad Pro. The previous version of the iPad Pro hasn’t been updated since 2018 and the fans are pressing the company really hard. They want to see a new camera setup, new chipset, and lots of other things.

And again, the rumors suggest that Apple is listening. Even though the leaks are a bit modest in offering the actual changes in the new iPad Pro, we still have a pretty reliable rumor that the company may be putting a triple-lens camera setup on the new model. As for the speculations, we believe that just like in the past, we’ll be seeing a more powerful A13X chip in the iPad Pro.

Show’s canceled – what now?

So, how is Apple going to proceed from now on that the rumors about canceling the March 31 event are dangerously getting real? Well, if we focus on the conference for the sake of the conference, sure, things aren’t looking good. However, when it comes to delivering the products we’ve mentioned above, the hope isn’t all lost.

You see, even when the company started its March events from 2015, there was a break in 2016 when Apple didn’t hold the conference, yet it still launched the products. Moreover, the 16-inch MacBook Pro that we’ve talked about didn’t have a lavish conference for an announcement; Apple silently pushed the new laptop without making a grand entrance.

So, we’re pretty enthusiastic about actually seeing these products. Sure, the Santa Clara County has reported more than 30 Coronavirus cases already, however, the new iPhone SE 2 (or 9), 14.1-inch MacBook Pro, and the triple-lens iPad Pro will still be released if, of course, Apple is actually planning their release.