Screen Record Videos on Your Mac For Free Without Any Watermarks | Vmaker 

Screen recording has gained immense popularity over the past few years. It’s not just recordings anymore but also a mode of communication. But how do we exactly define screen recording?

Screen recording is the process of recording the screen of a user along with the information, visual, and as a matter of fact, anything that appears on the screen. Users have now combined webcam overlays to screen recordings. This means that it has become more like a communication tool now. It’s slowly replacing traditional communication mediums like emails, in-person and online meetings.

The number of use cases that screen recording videos have is limitless. Mac has an inbuilt screen recording tool that can be used with just a few keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots and recording videos. But the built-in recorder doesn’t resonate with the modern-day screen recorder and comes with quite a handful of limitations.

The native screen recording tool in Mac does the job of recording simple screen recording videos. Mac users can record the entire screen, window, or a part of the screen based on their choice. Users can also highlight mouse clicks and set a countdown timer to begin the recording.

However, the built-in screen recorder will not let you record videos with system audio. Also, the max recording quality is just 1080P. Mac restricts the recorder to use its high-quality resolution to the fullest.

If you’re looking at the native recorder as a communication tool, there’s even more disappointment as it doesn’t allow to record the webcam overlay along with the screen. Lastly, once the recordings are done it is saved locally in a .mov file. In order to use and share the video, you’ll have to convert the same. The videos could be huge files as well, making the conversion process complicated.

There are a lot of third-party screen recorders to overcome the challenges in the native version of the Mac screen recorder. One that stands out of the crowd is Vmaker. A modern-day screen recorder, and a video communication tool from the makers of Animaker Inc. Vmaker not only allows screen recording but also enables efficient asynchronous communication.

Vmaker allows complete flexibility and freedom for its users. The application is available in two versions – A native Mac application, and a chrome extension. Mac users can sign up and download the native app or just add the chrome extension to start recording videos.

Vmaker screenrcrod
Unlike the native mac screen recorder, Vmaker allows both screen and webcam recording simultaneously with system audio. Not just that Vmaker offers screen recording of a quality of upto 4K, best in class.

Users can choose between three recording modes, screen only, screen, and cam, and cam only modes. Also, users can highlight using mouse clicks, annotate on the screen while recording, pause or cancel the recording mid-way, and a lot more, making it extremely convenient and easy to record engaging screen recording videos.

Once the user finishes recording, the videos are uploaded to the cloud and available in just a matter of a few seconds. Users can view the recording, edit it, share it with anyone on the internet instantly on the platform of their choice which includes direct Youtube uploading, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook sharing.

The unlimited recording option without watermarks and the direct uploading of the screen recording on the cloud dashboard allow users to record for as long as they want without having to worry about storage space and recording limits.

The videos are safe and secure on the cloud dashboard where users can categorize them into folders, share them with teammates, and collaborate effectively. If there is a need to download the video, then Vmaker has a solution for that as well. The videos are available for download in MP4 format which is one of the most common download formats.

One of the most unique features of Vmaker is its recording scheduler. You can automatically set Vmaker to record your meetings, and presentations by just adding the virtual Vmaker recording assistant, Max, to your meeting attendees list, and the virtual assistant will take care of the recording for you.

Some of the features available on Vmaker:

  • Two versions ~ Mac app and chrome plugin
  • 4K HD Recording quality
  • Screen annotations and mouse emphasis
  • Microphone and system audio
  • Noise control
  • Real-time collaboration over workspaces and folders
  • One-click social sharing
  • Direct Youtube upload
  • Recording scheduler
  • Auto expiry of videos
  • Built-in video editor

The features that Vmaker offers are quite endless,, and it’s the perfect alternative to the native Mac screen recorder and other expensive screen recorders in the market which include Loom, Camtasia, and many other options.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for Vmaker and start recording videos for free. You’re just one click away from checking out the best and most versatile screen recorder that’s out in the market.