Soccer Score Tracking Apps Available for Mac You Need to Download in Time for Euro 2020

Euro 2020 gets under way in June, at which point it may be difficult to keep up with the results considering 12 host countries have been named ahead of the tournament.

This will be the first time that a single European Championships will be staged in more than two countries, with London, Munich, Rome, Dublin, Budapest, Saint Petersburg and Copenhagen just some of the cities set to to welcome fixtures to their doorstep this summer.

With that in mind,, the betting apps comparison website, compiled a short list of the best soccer score-tracking apps to keep you up to date with all the action this summer.

FlashScore (4.9 star rating)

Probably the most well-established name in live scores, FlashScore offers up-to-date scores in not only football, but just about any major sport you can think of.

As well as keeping you in the loop with live results, FlashScore also breaks down lineups, boasts an incredibly smooth user interface and some of the most in-depth statistics available in the free app sector.

OneFootball (4.8 star rating)

OneFootball offers a step in a different direction compared to other soccer score apps in that their model is centred more around content than simply numbers on a screen.

The German startup is strongest in its European football coverage—which bodes well ahead of Euro 2020—but the promise of meatier articles and analysis alongside the results sets it apart in a crowded field.

Forza Football (4.5 star rating)

Forza Football is a live-score app based out of Gothenberg, Sweden, that has long prided itself on the fan interaction aspect, which is a valuable selling point in such an opinion-driven sport.

Aside from just the men’s game, Forza Football does a brilliant job of bringing an impressive balance with its coverage of the female side of soccer, too.