Social Gambling Versus Real Money Gambling On Your iOS Device

Social gambling is defined as gambling that is not conducted as a business, where all players compete on equal terms. It is often not in a public space and it is usually wagering among friends or will not involve real money. It could be a wager that is more like a dare, where the person has to do something rather than pay money. In many instances, social gambling has moved to the online sphere, where virtual funds are part of the game, but there are no “real money” winnings. When you play real money gambling on your iOS device, you are doing so by wagering your hard-earned funds in a casino app. You might play casino games, slots, lotteries, make sports wagers, or enjoy live dealer poker through an app you go on the Apple App Store.

Social gambling is a link through social accounts like Facebook. You log in with your social media account and have fun rather than attempt to win real money prizes. The games are free to play. However, there are in-app purchases. These purchases are for tokens or coins that you spend in the game shops. To make this clearer we will examine the legalities of social versus real money gambling.

Legalese for Real Money Gambling

Real money gambling is conducted on a mobile device, computer, laptop, or in a land-based casino, where your country has passed laws stating gambling online or in land-based casinos is allowed. You will be able to wager real money in gambling sites and with apps.

Real Money Gaming in Online Casino Apps

Apple device owners, using iOS, can visit the iOS app store to download free real money gambling apps. These apps are always free but do require a login and the acceptance of a real money account, where you make a deposit using the available banking methods.

You are only allowed to access the apps if you are in a country that allows online gambling.

The apps will have licenses and follow the rules of the jurisdictions a person lives in.

The app is not where you would make the purchases or transfer funds, you would need to set up a real money account with the casino.

iOS is not the only device you can access real money gambling. Android users can also use the Play Store to download apps and play with real money. Again, there are rules to prevent underage gambling and adhere to jurisdictional laws that prevent or allow mobile device gaming.

Social Gambling Apps

Social gambling apps are usually separate in the app stores to ensure players do not confuse a real money option with social gambling. You are not going to cash out “money” or even exchange money for prizes. You can trade, gift, or enjoy in-game play with the prizes and “fake” money or tokens provided. Often you have a time frame for the coins or tokens to be awarded to you so you can play. When you run out, you can buy more tokens or just wait for the game reset to provide more tokens. Social gaming apps are extremely strict in terms of the rules, where you have to understand you are not wagering real money to gain real money.

Browser Options for Real and Social Gambling

You also have the option of using browsers to access real money and social gambling websites. Keep in mind that for real money online casino gambling, the legalities still apply. If you are in a country that does not support online gambling, sports wagering, or other forms of games of chance, then you will not be able to access them from a browser, unless you play for free instead of real money.

The social gambling options increase due to the options of “free” play, where you have tokens, can reset your account, and play as much as you want, without ever getting any money withdrawn to a money account.