Steps to keep your iPhone secure for safety flaws

The term “untouchables” can no longer be used when you mention iPhone users today. The recent revelation by Google researchers of a hacking syndicate that had gained access to thousands of client information through their phones left many baffled and worried of their safety. Stories like this are just a reminder of how we need to take precautions to prevent our iPhones from being hacked.

According to Time, the hacking was made possible by iPhone users visiting certain unsecured sites that planted malwares in their devices. These malwares in turn allowed unauthorized access to their personal information on platforms such as iMessages, WhatsApp messages, Gmail, address books and other personal accounts.

The breach had reportedly been so massive that by the time they were able to come up with a solution, it was already too late and irreversible damage had already been done. And since the breach was done on multiple accounts, the hackers were now in a position to continue with their hold on the devices for as long as they wanted to.

How many iPhones were affected?

According to the reports, a large number of iPhone users were victims of this hack. The researchers said that the malware was so strong that it could by-pass even the most up to date of their anti-malware software. Another interesting detail about this malware was that it did not need the users to directly log on to the website for it to gain access to their devices. The user could just as easily be redirected to the site during their normal browsing activities and cause them to be compromised.

So how do you Protect Yourself from such Hacks?

Knowing that they can be hacked, iPhone users now have to find ways to protect their devices well just like the rest of us.

The following are some of the best ways that one can ensure their devices stay safe

  1. Use longer Passwords

Passwords have for a long time been used as a way to keep devices safe from unauthorized access. Most people however, prefer using short passwords that they can easily remember even when they stay for a long time without having to use them.

The downside about using a short password is that is can be easily cracked by any determined hacker. There are also programs such as GreyKey that are used to crack short passwords in a matter of hours.

The longer the password you use, the more difficult it will be for hackers to crack it. Having a longer password is therefore a plus.

  1. Use VPN

Enabling the VPN feature on your phone means that you are adding more security to your device through encryption.

The VPN can be manually set by going to the Setting option on your device, clicking on General, then VPN.

  1. Use Two – Factor Authentication

Make sure a password is always required before making a purchase using your device

  1. Enable Find My iPhone

In case of phone theft, the Find my Phone feature can be very handy in ensuring you get to retrieve it before someone has the chance to hack into it. This feature can also be configured by visiting the Settings option.

  1. Restrict Access

This can be done be limiting the number of people who have access to your device. It can also be done by configuring your phone to automatically delete texts and media after certain periods.

  1. Manage your location Information

You can set your device to prevent apps from tracking your location unless you give them permission to.

  1. Encrypt your iPhone

You can encrypt your phone by using strong passwords or enabling fingerprint identification.


Apple may have once been the most secured service providers that existed, but, recent developments have shown that no one is ever really that safe. It is therefore, only up to you to ensure your device safety.