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Motley Fool Posts Bear/Bull Duel On Apple's Stock

Motley Fool Posts Bear/Bull Duel On Apple's Stock

by , 4:00 PM EDT, September 5th, 2001

The Motley Fool has posted a duel between two analysts on the outlook of Apple's stock. The two writers are Rick Aristotle Munarriz, who debated the Bullish position on Apple, and Paul Larson, who took the Bearish side. From Rick Aristotle Munarriz's argument:

In the computing space, Apple is the complete package. It's not all about the hardware. Apple is the master of innovation. It produces software across many different platforms. It powers the Internet. There was a time, when sales peaked at $11.1 billion back in 1995, when the company commanded a much bigger slice of the box pie. But it is a much more relevant company today. Apple is everywhere. After all, it's been everywhere else.

From Paul Larson's argument:

So why am I here relaying my bearish thoughts on Apple yet again? Because, basically, nothing has changed over the last nine months. That is, beyond Apple seeing greatly decreased sales while ringing up copious losses. Moreover, the company's competitive positioning still has the company as nothing more than a niche player fighting for its survival in the mean world of PCs.

You can read the full Dueling Fools debate at the Motley Fool Web site. You will need to register for a free account to access the articles, but the instructions are simple and direct. If you are going to write either of these analysts, take the time to be polite, or don't write at all.

The Mac Observer Spin:

Politely speaking, Mr. Larson doesn't grok Apple, and clearly doesn't understand Apple's business model. We found his arguments to be fairly weak, and he simply adds another notch in the long list of people who have decried Apple's death (he has argued this position before, as he states in his piece).

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