Surfshark Best Mac VPN’s for 2019

Many Virtual Private Network providers feature Mac operating systems in their supported platform lists. Internet users can use a VPN to mask the connections they make and their activities when using the computer. The reasons behind using this type of service varies. Some users are in countries with highly restrictive Internet censorship and they want to access an unfiltered selection of web resources. Other people prefer that their browsing remains private and secure from everyone, including their Internet Service Providers. 

People accessing media through streaming services can run into restricted content that’s not available at their location. They use the VPN to fool the website or service into thinking that they’re from a location that’s approved to view that data. Here are the best VPNs to consider for Macs.


ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for people who want to browse at normal Internet speeds while using the VPN. Their technology is designed to accommodate high speeds, with their connections optimized around performance. The software is designed to make it easy to connect to the company’s servers, which are spread throughout the world. All you need to do is press a button and you’ll connect to the Internet via the VPN. Users don’t have any data caps or content restrictions that could get in the way of their Internet browsing activities.

This service features 160 server locations and allows users to switch as often as they desire. Whenever they connect to the Internet, they can run the built-in speed test to determine the right server for top performance. VPN split tunneling is an interesting feature that allows the user to send some of their internet activity to their normal connection, while the rest goes through the VPN. This option makes it outwardly appear as though normal activity is happening. 

Some websites and services also prohibit VPN traffic, so users can keep those sites on a direct connection. The encryption that ExpressVPN uses is AES 256-bit. No identifying information is logged or stored with the company, so even if they get sued or law enforcement gets involved, they have no records to give to the authorities. This service also has a .onion site for people looking to maximize their anonymity. Power users can choose the type of VPN protocol they prefer for their connections.


Surfshark VPN is a well-rounded vpn for Mac. One of the best parts of Surfshark is how it improves the entire browsing experience, even if the user doesn’t need to keep their internet browsing private. The CleanWeb functionality blocks ads, trackers and malware so web pages aren’t loaded down with a lot of fluff. It doesn’t have any device limitations, so users can have all of their devices on one account. Some websites don’t play nice with VPN services. If a person runs into this situation, they can use the Whitelister tool to have that particular site go around the VPN.

In the event that the user loses connection to the VPN servers, the application immediately stops all Internet activity. This kill switch prevents any private browsing data from becoming public. NoBorders mode is an excellent feature designed for regions known for being restrictive on Internet activity. The users can access the free and open Internet. MultiHop is a tool that improves anonymity by using more than one VPN server at a time to mask their footprints. OpenVPN and IKEv2/tPsec are the two VPN protocols available through this service. All of the traffic is encrypted with AES 256-bit standards. This VPN is also one of the most affordable options on the list, especially if a customer signs up for the three-year contract option.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a VPN that’s focused even more than normal on security. They use their own VPN protocol and have conducted many security audits to ensure that their users have full protection during their Internet activities. One button server connection makes it simple to get started with this service. The company does not keep any logs to prevent any identifying information from being associated with your online footprint. Hotspot Shield only supports 5 devices, which may be frustrating for households with a lot of people interested in VPNs. The service makes it simple to choose servers from 25 countries.

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN is designed to be a user-friendly VPN entry. People who have never used this type of technology before may be overwhelmed by a lot of configuration options and other choices. This service removes the complexity through software that makes things as simple as possible. They have servers in 22 countries and make it easy to switch between them. There are no data limitations or speed throttling in place. 

TunnelBear has independent companies do security audits of its service to ensure that its customers are properly protected at all times. Vigilant Mode blocks Internet activity in the event that the user is no longer connected to TunnelBearVPN. That way, unencrypted activity is not exposed to the network or the Internet Service Provider.


TorGuard’s VPN service doesn’t have anything to do with the Tor network, but it does have a lot of features to offer for power users. The service has more than 3,000 servers spread throughout 50 countries and supports five devices at a time. It supports most major VPN protocols, allowing advanced users to choose the exact type that fits their needs. 

TorGuard emphasizes keeping people anonymous, so it relies on a variety of ciphers and stops any potential leaks from occurring. Ads and malware are blocked by the software, and a Stealth VPN mode beats out countries that aggressively block VPN traffic from the Internet. While the features are advanced, the software itself is incredibly easy to use.

VPNs are a must-have addition to anyone’s Mac computer. Whether the person wants to browse without the ISP knowing exactly what they’re looking at, or they need to hide their activity from government monitoring, these VPN services keep them safe and sound.