Leak Claims 2019 iPhone Will Have Rectangular Logic Board

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The iPhone X and XS had an L-shaped logic board and battery. A leak claims to show that the 2019 iPhone will move back to a rectangular shape. This could mean bigger batteries.

Sadly we can’t gain any information from the PCB design. Questions about the iPhone XI’s port of choice are still looming. We already know what the iPhone XI and XI Max will look like, but hardware info is rather limited at this point.

2019 iPhone Could Still Have Liquid Retina LCD Display

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One of the 2019 iPhone models could stick with the Liquid Retina LCD display, although in 2020 a rumor suggests Apple may drop the LCD model.

The plan to stick with LCD comes as Apple grapples with sluggish sales of the iPhone XR, which has cut into its most recent revenue projection. That is partly because the planned LCD handset has been in the product pipeline for months and the plan can’t be altered easily, they said.

Charlotte Henry also wrote that one or more of the new phones may come with three cameras.