Apple TV Strategy by the Numbers

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4th gen Apple TV with Siri

At one time, it was theorized that Apple would make its own TV set, integrated with Apple TV functionality. Instead, Apple has gone one better by seeking to integrate the Apple TV (4K) into TVs made by others. LoupVentures has the strategy and the numbers.

We believe, eventually, many major TVs will embed Apple TV software. This adoption curve may be similar to CarPlay …

Apple’s approach to the living room has been… led by Apple TV which we estimate is now used in 26m US homes monthly (21% of US households). We believe there are 53 million active Apple TVs worldwide.

While this may appear to be the beginning of the end of the Apple TV box, we believe the device will retain unique value. We believe the standalone box will continue …

This is, of course, all about ramping up for Apple TV+ subscriptions.

A New Way to Play With Your Cat: 4KTV

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I love cats. All cats. But especially our house cats. In front of the TV with my cat in lap, I’ll sometimes bring up a NatGeo saved cat video for her amusement. But I’ve never had an incident as hilarious as this. File under new things to amuse yourself and companions using 4KTV technology.

A New Way to Play With Your Cat: 4KTV