Apple TV Strategy by the Numbers

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4th gen Apple TV with Siri

At one time, it was theorized that Apple would make its own TV set, integrated with Apple TV functionality. Instead, Apple has gone one better by seeking to integrate the Apple TV (4K) into TVs made by others. LoupVentures has the strategy and the numbers.

We believe, eventually, many major TVs will embed Apple TV software. This adoption curve may be similar to CarPlay …

Apple’s approach to the living room has been… led by Apple TV which we estimate is now used in 26m US homes monthly (21% of US households). We believe there are 53 million active Apple TVs worldwide.

While this may appear to be the beginning of the end of the Apple TV box, we believe the device will retain unique value. We believe the standalone box will continue …

This is, of course, all about ramping up for Apple TV+ subscriptions.

What You Need to Know: 4K/UHD/HDR Blu-ray Players

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Digital Trends writes:

While streaming is obviously more convenient for most of us, anyone who wants the best possible picture and sound quality for their home theater needs Ultra HD Blu-ray. The format offers more stability and better fidelity than streaming, and it’s a pretty significant leap forward from 1080p HD Blu-ray, too

This is a really well-written article and covers a lot of ground.

Will Tonight's NCAA Basketball Championship Air in 4K?

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Basketball and hoop

A viewer writes the TV Answer Man:

… I bought a new 4K TV so my question is: Will the March Madness final on Monday night be in 4K? If so, which channel?

The answer is no. ::grumble::

2019 Will Be the Year of the Display and Apple Should Get Ready

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2019: Year of the Display

With 4K TV sets now mainstream, 8K TVs shipping in 2019, Apple preparing new displays, 4K/HDR streaming in high gear, the pressure will be on Apple to deliver in all its video technologies.

A CES 2014 Flashback: The Folly of Curved TV Screens

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Curved TV display

At one time, five years ago, curved TV screens were all the rage. Every TV manufacturer jumped on the bandwagon, fearful of being left out. Today, we know it was a fad. A folly. A technical dead end. Recently, ars technica took us back in time, via Twitter, to their prescient analysis. After a good technical roundup, “The flat-out truth on curved TVs” ars concluded:

The mishmash of arguments for a curved TV isn’t necessarily an indictment of the value of curved TV. This would not be the first time that manufacturers obscured the technical or scientific reasons for a decision because they think it’s too hard to explain to consumers. It may be easier to latch onto words like “immersive” and “theatrical” and hope no one asks the hard questions.

But, it would also not be the first time that manufacturers assigned value to some spec based on the idea that it qualitatively improved a viewing experience in some way, only for consumers to find the end result is underwhelming and, more importantly, not worth paying for.

8K TV is Coming. It's Okay to Salivate

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8K TVs on display

John reminds us of the 8K TV roadmap and provides a glimpse of how the TV industry is evolving.

Is it Time to Move to 4K TV? Absolutely!

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Sony Bravia XBR-A1E

4K/UHD TVs are no longer a rarity and are now emerging as mainstream. According to IHS, of all the TVs sold in 2019, half will be 4K/UHD.

Will Amazon's Fire TV Edition Do What Apple Could Not?

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Amazon Fire TV Edition.

Amazon is folding its Fire TV into a smart 4K/UHD TV, called the Fire TV Edition. It’s what some have called on Apple to do. Will Amazon’s vision pay off?

Apple's Unusual Situation with its Struggling HomePod

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HomePod Siri light

Apple, as it always does, created a unique vision for the HomePod. The device is cool, but the product concept may have been off the mark. Now, Apple will adjust.

TMO Background Mode Interview with Kelly Guimont and Jeff Gamet - Everything 4K/UHD TV

· John Martellaro · Background Mode Podcast

In this very special edition of Background Mode, The Mac Observer’s Kelly Guimont and Jeff Gamet joined me to continue a previous discussion we’d been having about 4K/UHD television. It all started when I published an article, an adventure actually, about my project to get all my home video components working together to achieve 4K/UHD and Dolby Vision. One TMO Daily Observations podcast wasn’t enough to answer all the questions, and so we just kept on chatting, laughing and recording. Herein is most everything you need to know about setting up a 4K/UHD TV system with advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR), especially Dolby Vision.

My Crazy Apple TV 4K & Dolby Vision Adventure

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It took John some time, testing, industry contacts and study to finally get his Apple TV 4K and Sony 4K/UHD TV doing the Dolby Vision magic.

How to Set Up Your Apple TV 4K

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Apple TV 4K

So now you have an Apple TV 4K. John has some hints on how to get it set up and watch 4K/UHD content.

4K/UHD TV and Apple TV 4K Buying Tips

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Sony Bravia XBR-A1E

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday imminent, John offers some tips for those thinking about moving up to a 4K/UHD TV and an Apple TV 4K.