Proton Rolls Out Redesigned 'ProtonMail Bridge' to Paid Customers

ProtonMail Bridge is being updated with a completely redesigned user interface for ease of use. It gradually rolls out to paid users starting today.

This new version of ProtonMail Bridge is packed with fixes and improvements, but the main change is the new local cache, which now includes full message bodies. This means ProtonMail Bridge stores messages encrypted on your device, so they can be retrieved much faster than when stored remotely on our servers. You can control your cache using the Advanced settings.

'Deliveries' App Update Supports Shortcuts on macOS Monterey

The Deliveries app update now supports macOS Monterey and iOS 15. The version notes for Monterey include Shortcuts support. The update includes a lot of improvements and bug fixes, so here is just part of the notes: Shortcuts are now supported on macOS Monterey. Note: due to limitations in macOS, shortcuts only have a written or spoken description, rather than showing the relevant deliveries like on iOS. The “scan a package” shortcut will open the “Add a Delivery” window since scanning barcodes is not supported in Deliveries for Mac. Notifications that a package has been delivered are now marked as Time Sensitive on macOS Monterey. Sharing a single delivery via Messages now just sends a link. Sharing via AirDrop now sends a link instead of a file, so it’s easier to share with someone that doesn’t have the app.

ProtonMail 1.15.11 Update Fixes Bugs With Push Notifications

The ProtonMail 1.15.11 update for iOS fixes a slew of bugs that users were experiencing. From the version notes: Fixed a bug where push notifications where not received properly. Fixed an occasional bug where swipe actions in the inbox were applied to the wrong message. Fixed an occasional bug where the reply, reply all and forward option did not work on some messages.  Fixed an occasional bug during signup where the prompt for captcha was not fully visible. Fixed a bug where contacts migrated through the Proton Easy Switch functionality were not properly displayed. Preparation for upcoming change to exclude embedded images from counting towards attachments. Technical improvements behind the scenes (including updates to the cryptographic library, improvements related to key management and password changes and more).

'Tweetbot' 6.9 Update Adds Widgets for Tweet Stats, More

An app update for Tweetbot (6.9) is out and adds new widgets and other features. From the release notes: Added a Tweet Stats widget. Added a Followers Count widget. Added a Timeline Image widget. Added an option to share profiles. Added an option to save videos. Added a “Delete and Edit” option when deleting a Tweet. Added Sync Status in Settings to help debug iCloud Sync errors. New Gold, Diamond, Brushed Metal and Wood app icons.

Cloud Platform 'Cryptee' Now Warns You of Insecure URLs

The team behind Cryptee, an end-to-end encrypted platform for documents and photos, announced new features for 2022. One in particular caught my eye.

We’ve improved our URL boxes on mobile. Cryptee can now intelligently detect and warn you if your links are insecure. (i.e. using “http” instead of “https”) All insecure links are automatically highlighted yellow, and all secure links are highlighted green.

Update to 'LEGO Star Wars: Castaways' Brings Hair Colors, Microfighters

LEGO Star Wars: Castaways is an Apple Arcade game in which players can explore, create characters, race Microfighters, and more. Friday’s update brings a few features: OWN YOUR PERSONAL MICROFIGHTER: Meet Lax Torios at the new Microfighter shop and acquire your own. CUSTOMIZE YOUR HAIR COLOR: Meet Floid Burbakk at the new Barbershop to discover a new customization feature. NEW ACTIVITIES IN THE SOCIAL HUB: Build or destroy Sandcastles, go fishing for LEGO Bricks, and hang out at the cantina or by the beach on the lounge chairs.