The New York Times Invites Beta Testers for its Audio App

The New York Times is building an app for audio journalism and it’s inviting beta testers to try it out.

“New York Times Audio” will provide an accessible and authoritative way to understand the world, pulling from Times podcasts, Times articles, premier magazine publishers like New York magazine and Rolling Stone, new audio formats from The Times newsroom and more. The product will also feature the archive of “This American Life,” encompassing 25 years worth of episodes from the iconic show that pioneered a new form of audio narrative journalism.

Sneak Peek of Features Coming With Cryptomator 1.6.0 Update

Although we don’t have a definite release date, the developers of Cryptomator shared some features users will see in the upcoming 1.6.0 update.

A feature already wished in its earliest days will be present: Auto Lock – the automatic locking of a vault. For every vault you can set up an idle timer after which the vault is automatically locked. If any write or read happens during the time span, the timer is reset.

'GRID Autosport' Gets More Game Controls in New Update

Feral Interactive has released a new update for GRID Autosport on iOS and Android, with a focus on further refining the game’s control options. Leading the pack is Arrow Touch Pro – a much-requested alternative layout for Arrow Touch steering that enables the use of manual acceleration. Following close behind is the brand new, fully-customisable Throttle Slider, allowing players to set their acceleration with pinpoint precision. This patch also adds full support for the latest DualSense and Xbox Series X|S wireless controllers, as well as language support for Traditional Chinese.

Coinbase Adds Option for Two-Factor Authentication Security Keys

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced an important update to its mobile app. Users can now secure their accounts with a two-factor authentication security key.

Hardware security keys are encrypted USB devices that you can register with your Coinbase account as a strong form of physical 2FA. Once registered, you’ll be prompted for your security key when logging in. You then plug in the key, or tap via near field communication (NFC), to your mobile device to securely access your account.

VSCO Introduces a Healing Tool for Members Called 'Remove'

Remove lets you easily edit out unwanted objects from your photos in a few simple taps. Clear photobombers, background clutter, and more for cleaner, beautiful images when you start a 7-day free membership trial. I’ve been testing it so far and it’s not the greatest at removing things, but the feature is currently in beta and is sure to improve over time. Options: Determine the Brush size you want to use with the slider. Play with smaller Brush sizes and using a tapping motion, instead of a brushing motion, for more accurate editing. You can also pinch and zoom into different parts of your photo to focus on smaller details. While editing your image, make use of the back and forward arrows to compare edits and undo or redo your work. Tap the checkmark when you’re done.

Update to 'Sensei' Brings a Monitoring Tool to Check Your Mac's Performance

Sensei Monitor is a new feature in Sensei that allows you to monitor your Mac performance in realtime, right from the menu bar. Create and customize panels and status bar items with different widgets to create the ultimate Mac menu bar system monitor, tailored just for you. Sensei Monitor has been in development for over a year, and features an advanced statistics engine as well as a design that fits in perfectly with modern versions of macOS. Developed using cutting-edge technology such as SwiftUI, it features an intuitive editor where the user can customize their monitoring using drag and drop. Here are the Mac features you can monitor: CPU,  CPU Cores, GPU, RAM, Storage, Network, Temperature Sensors, Fan Speeds, Battery, Process Usage (CPU / RAM / Energy).