ZenPod Leather Fidget Spinning Case for AirPods: $24.99

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I love today’s deal, which is for Air Vinyl Design’s ZenPod. This is a leather AirPods case with finger pads and bearings that turn it into a fidget spinner. In other words, it’s two things I personally love, a fidget spinner and a leather AirPods case. I have two ZenPods myself, and I think they’re great. You can get a ZenPod through our deal for $24.99, 16% off retail, and it fits all AirPods case models. Check out the video below for a closer look.

Air Vinyl Lets You Decorate Your AirPod Case

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Check out Air Vinyl Design‘s self titled product, Air Vinyl. They’re simple vinyl decorations for your plain white AirPods case. Sure, a lot of people would never sully their pristine Apple design, but a lot of people love to decorate their Apple devices. Since the AirPods case is something you need to use all the time, I can definitely see folks wanting to personalize them. Especially if you want a way to quickly identify your case from everyone else’s. Air Vinyls are made of vinyl, and they’re designed to be removable. There are currently eight designs, as shown, but the designer told me he has ones coming for San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago, and when I suggested Cupertino, he thought it a splendid idea. They’re being sold in sets: Los Angeles, CA; Music Mixer; and Rorschach Drops, as grouped below. Each set is $5.99.

Air Vinyl Lets You Decorate Your AirPod Case