Hotel Lobbyists Fight Airbnb by Undermining the Internet

· Andrew Orr · Link

Hotel lobbyists don’t like Airbnb and its competition, so they’re introducing a bill to amend Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

And they’re not just focused on pushing this loophole for Airbnb. It appears they’re going all in on stripping Section 230 protections from any internet service hosting 3rd party content. As part of this, they recently released what can only be described as a push poll to mislead people about Airbnb, the laws around these issues, and Section 230. Each question in the poll is at best actively misleading and at worst, completely bullshit.

Another Family Finds Hidden Airbnb Camera

· Andrew Orr · News

A New Zealand family staying at a home in Cork, Ireland, found they were being recorded with a hidden Airbnb camera.

Paris to Sue Airbnb for Illegal Adverts

· Charlotte Henry · News

Airbnb split pay logo.

Rental website Airbnb hit out at authorities in Paris, who are seeking $14 million from the firm for illegal adverts.