Sharp Planning OLED Production in Foxconn Factory for iPhone Displays

· Jeff Gamet · News

Samsung and LG are fighting to win OLED screen contracts from Apple

Apple’s next iPhone will reportedly sport an OLED display, and now insider sources are saying Sharp ramping up to be a supplier in a Foxconn factory. Sharp is investing about US$864 million in the production line at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou City facility in northern China to make OLED displays, presumably all for Apple.

Samsung Reportedly Supplying Apple with 5.8-inch Displays for Next iPhone

· Jeff Gamet · News

2017 iPhone may ship with a 5.8-inch display

Samsung is making 5.8-inch AMOLED displays for next year’s iPhone, according to supply chain sources. If true, that makes rumors of a larger screen iPhone in 2017 more likely—and that next year Apple plans to add yet another screen size to its smartphone lineup.