HP Printers Send a Ton of Data Analytics Back Home

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Software engineer Robert Heaton found disturbing evidence that HP printers request a lot of analytics permissions to send back to the company.

In summary, HP wants its printer to collect all kinds of data that a reasonable person would never expect it to. This includes metadata about your devices, as well as information about all the documents that you print, including timestamps, number of pages, and the application doing the printing (HP state that they do stop short of looking at the contents of your documents).

Custom Fonts Can Track You in iOS 13

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Custom fonts may be able to track you in iOS 13. Google’s Crashlytics admitted as such on Twitter, including a unique identifier.

Apple's Privacy Rule for Kids Apps Delayed

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Kids lining up against the wall with smartphones

At WWDC 2019, Apple announced stricter rules for kids apps. Developers of these apps aren’t allowed to use analytics within them. Ads would also be limited. Apple is now delaying the rule to give developers more time.

Apple says it is making the move in part to better protect users’ privacy by shielding children from data trackers, a move that has been lauded by some privacy advocates. But some developers say they fear that the new rules won’t protect kids — possibly exposing them to more adult apps — and could pointlessly reduce their businesses.

Maybe don’t make preying on kids your business model?

macOS: How to Disable Homebrew Analytics

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Homebrew has recently started to collect data, which helps the developers. But if you don’t like this you can disable Homebrew analytics.

iOS 12 User Base Now at 46% of Devices

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It’s only been about two weeks since it launched and the iOS 12 user base is already at 46% of devices, according to analytics company Mixpanel.