Apple at Cannes, Essential Reality, 2nd HomePod and AirPlay 2 vs. Soundbar - ACM 464

Apple Senior Vice President Angela Ahrendts is going to be interviewed at Cannes Lions, but the person interviewing her is an Apple employee. Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet think that’s a little weird. In hindsight, they also think it’s weird that Andy Rubin thought he could make money making Android hardware, an Essential(ly) bad idea. In the third segment, Jeff helps Bryan spend money when picking between a 2nd HomePod and a soundbar now that AirPlay 2 is here.

Here's that Burberry Coat Angela Ahrendts Wore at Apple's Media Event

Angela Ahrendts long coat got a lot of attention during Apple’s iPhone media event on Tuesday. TMO reader Alan Adams and his wife recognized it from a recent trip to Paris, and sent me a link to it.  It’s called the Macramé Lace Trench Coat, and it’s priced at a mere US$2,895. Not surprisingly, it’s from Burberry, where Ms. Ahrendts used to be CEO. Today, she is Apple’s senior vice president in charge of retail.