Apple Pay is Apple’s mobile payment platform and digital wallet for storing tickets, passes, and other digital assets. It can be used at most contactless payment terminals, as well as for making purchases on websites that have incorporated Apple Pay into their shopping cart. The Apple Pay iPhone app is also where you manage your Apple Card credit card. Apple Pay also includes Apple Pay Cash, a peer-to-peer payment system.

Apple Pay Netherlands Adds Support for Rabobank

· Andrew Orr · Product News

Rabobank is the second-biggest bank in the Netherlands, leading in food and agriculture financing and sustainability-oriented banking.

Apple Pay Promo for $5 Off Instacart Grocery Delivery

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Apple just announced a new Apple Pay promo for $5 off $35 or more with an Instacart grocery delivery order. The promo works when using Apple Pay inside the Instacart App, which we linked to below. Apple announced the promo through email, but the discount will be applied automatically in the app. It’s available now and expires end of day on October 20th.

Apple Pay Promo for $5 Off Instacart Grocery Delivery

T-Mobile Offers 3% Cash Back for Apple Card

· Andrew Orr · News

T-Mobile is the latest company to join the 3% club for Apple Card, and the first carrier to do so, so customers can save money on plans.

Amtrak 4.0 Lets You Add Your eTicket to Wallet

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

Amtrak updated its app to version 4.0 (in August) and it added new features: Show your eTicket while onboard, including multi-ride and monthly passes – no need to print; Send your eTicket to Apple Wallet; Purchase one-way, roundtrip, multi-ride and monthly tickets with dollars or Amtrak Guest Rewards points; Check train status; Find station information; Edit and manage your account profile; Save credit cards for quick checkout, and more. App Store: Amtrak – Free

People are Putting Their Apple Cards Through a CNC Mill

· Andrew Orr · Link

Apple Card twitter logo

Some people are customizing their Apple Cards with CNC milling machines in an effort to improve Apple’s minimalistic credit card.

As Wiegand showed on his Instagram account, he loaded his card into one of these computer-controlled cutting machines to customize the white finish with the filigree you’d find on the back of a 19th-century-era Bicycle playing card.

Neat stuff. We’ve already seen wallet cases specifically for Apple Cards. I wonder if some companies will create Card skins.