Apple Video Launch Targeted for April

· Andrew Orr · Rumor

The Apple video launch is rumored to launch in April or early May. It sounds like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO won’t be part of it.

Apple Posted Apple Pay How To Videos on YouTube

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

Apple recently added two more how-to videos on its YouTube channel. For a while now, the company has posted fun videos that show things you can do with the iPad Pro, or in iOS 11. Ranging from how to drag and drop files, to the recent Pixelmator tutorial, the videos are a quick way to get people familiar with iOS 11, and it’s more fun than reading a manual. In one video, it shows how to add a debit/credit card to the Wallet app. In the other video, it shows how to use Apple Pay in stores. Both videos are meant to be viewed on an iPhone, as they are shot in portrait mode, similar to other Apple videos. You can view the Apple Pay how to videos at the link below.

Apple Posted Apple Pay How To Videos on YouTube